1 Jihwan + 4, but the first ‘simultaneous selection’… The result is a 2G consecutive hit failure

Choi Ji-man (32) and Bae Ji-hwan (24), who are eating together for the Pittsburgh Pirates, made their first simultaneous start, but the result was disappointing.

Choi Ji-man and Bae Ji-hwan started side by side against the Toronto Blue Jays in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball Exhibition’ held at TD Ball Park in Dunedin, Florida, USA on the 16th (Korean time). Choi Ji-man started as the team’s fourth hitter and first baseman, and Bae Ji-hwan sortie as the lead-off second baseman.

It was a meaningful match, but the result was not satisfactory. Neither Choi Ji-man nor Bae Ji-hwan made a hit, and the team lost.

Bae Ji-hwan took the leadoff in the top of the first inning and struck out with a swing. In the beginning of the 3rd inning, he successfully performed the sacrifice bunt at second base without a hit and performed the operation perfectly. In the top of the 5th inning, the third at-bat, he went on base with a walk. After that, he was replaced with Travis Swagerty before the defense in the bottom of the 6th to finish the game.

Choi Ji-man struck out with a swing from 2 out 1 base in the beginning of the 1st inning. In the top of the 3rd inning, he struck out once again with 2 out and 2 base. In the top of the 6th inning, he started as the lead batter and withdrew with a ground ball to 2nd base, and was replaced by Malcolm Nunez at the bottom of the 6th inning defense.

Bae Ji-hwan’s final score that day was 1 at-bat,메이저놀이터 1 walk, and his batting average in the exhibition game slightly decreased from 0.182 to 0.174. Choi Ji-man’s batting average in the demonstration game dropped from 0.263 to 0.227 with no hits in three at-bats. Both failed to hit in two straight games.

Meanwhile, the team lost to Toronto 1-7. Starting pitcher JT Brubaker went down the mound with 4 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 4 runs in 4⅓ innings. Relief pitchers Yeri De Los Santos (2 runs in 1 inning) and John Orelli (1 run in 1 inning) also failed to show clean pitching, giving up points. The other line failed to attack the opponent’s mound with only 5 hits in 9 innings. With this defeat, Pittsburgh fell into a two-game losing streak with a record of 4 wins and 12 losses in exhibition games.

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