21-year-old Gwanak-gu councilman who boasted of “abolishing the women’s safe road”…’demand for resignation’ flooded

In the midst of vicious crimes such as the Sillim-dong murder case and sexual assault and murder on the hiking trails, demands for the resignation of Choi In-ho (21), a member of the People’s Power, who introduced the budget cut for the ‘Women’s Safe Return Home’ as a legislative achievement, are pouring in. Rep. Choi said, “Feminists are taking coordinates and rants,” and announced that he would take legal action against her comments.

Since the 19th, articles urging the resignation of Congressman Choi In-ho have been posted on the YouTube page of Gwanak-gu Councilman Choi In-ho and the Gwanak-gu Council website bulletin board. In particular, as the report that the victim of the sexual assault at Sillim-dong Park died that day was reported, “apologize and resign”, “condemn Choi In-ho, who sacrificed the lives of countless people with his short thoughts”, “know shame and resign”, etc. Hundreds of accusations against the council have been plastered on the bulletin board of the district council’s homepage.

Those who demanded Choi’s resignation are arguing that the full budget cut of the women’s safe way home, which he led, had an impact on a series of violent crimes, such as ‘Sillim-dong weapon riot’ and ‘Sillim-dong sexual assault and murder’.

In December of last year, Rep. Choi posted a video메이저사이트 on his YouTube channel introducing his major legislative activities and achievements in reducing the entire budget for his women’s safe way home. In the video, Rep. Choi said, “Women are not relieved just because they write down the phrase ‘Women’s safe way home’.” “It has historical significance,” he said.

As a result, Gwanak-gu has established emergency bells and closed circuits in Gwanak-gu until last January ( CC) 24 Ansim Alleys equipped with TVs were installed .

However, those urging Congressman Choi’s resignation claim that “the abolition of the women’s safe return road has imprinted the image that Gwanak-gu doesn’t care about public order, and criminals have paid attention to this place.” In addition, they are criticizing Rep. Choi, who took the lead in budget cuts, saying, “Women’s safe way home is not only a policy for women, but also a policy for the safety of all residents of Gwanak-gu.”

As her criticism and controversy intensified, Rep. Choi closed the comment window on her YouTube channel. Instead, through her pinned comment, she stuck to her original stance, saying, “I will not continue to instigate the belief that it is a safe place for women to write on the way home safely.” She also added, “We will install an emergency bell and cctv and arrange facilities without blind spots as soon as possible.”

He said, “The attitude of attempting to engage in political agitation through other genders through an unfortunate incident has damaged the public order in Gwanak-gu.” I will sue all of the comments.”

Rep. Choi was elected in the 8th June 1st national local elections last year with a pledge of ‘total reduction of the budget for surveillance and inspection of illegal filming’. In 2019, as a member of a student group called the ‘Inheong High School Students’ Guardian Association’, he raised a problem saying that teachers had taught ‘political bias’. He currently runs a YouTube channel with the phrase “Criticizes feminism and politics teachers.”

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