‘3 innings perfect → 4 innings, 5 runs’ Ohtani bows his head “3 hits and 5 runs, my responsibility”

Los Angeles Angels Ohtani Shohei (29) blamed himself for allowing big innings in the 4th inning. 

On the 28th (Korean time), Ohtani started the match against the Oakland Athletics held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, and recorded a victory with 3 hits (2 homers), 2 walks, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts and 5 runs in 6 innings. He allowed 5 runs only in the 4th inning, but the batting line exploded and he harvested his 4th win of the season. 

Ohtani, who blocked the Auckland line-up with a perfect pitch until the third inning, gave up five runs while suddenly shaking in the fourth inning. The American media pointed out that Ohtani was temporarily shaken because Ohtani hit the mound immediately after scoring a run after hitting a double in the third inning, and there was a problem with the pitch clock at the start of the inning.

According to the Japanese media Sponichianex, Ohtani said in an interview after the game, “I don’t think the third hit didn’t have a big impact. I have to say he pitched a bit defensively. ‘You have to win. It seems that the aggressive mind of ‘must be stopped’ was lacking a little. The pitch clock wasn’t normal. But he didn’t care too much. He should be able to throw the same even if the pitch clock is completely out of order.” 

Ohtani, who said, “The first three innings were so good,” said, “I didn’t throw with a slide step until the third inning. But suddenly a runner came out and he couldn’t catch the rhythm. The first batter in the 4th inning sent out with a hit ball should have been put out. He let in a runner who had been put out on a walk for a home run. As a result, he only got 3 hits, but it was my responsibility to give up 5 runs.” 

Ohtani, who was a little disappointed on the mound, played an active role in batting with 3 hits, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 5 at-bats. He hit, doubled and tripled, but unfortunately missed the cycling hit as no home run was forthcoming. 메이저사이트

Ohtani said, “I wasn’t conscious that there was a cycling hit. Since he had runners on first and second bases in his last at-bat, he wanted to get a hit right rather than a home run. I think the feeling of hitting was the best today. The ball seemed to be the best this season. It was good overall. As a result, I gave up 5 points on the mound, but I think it was good whether it was hitting or pitching.” 

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