37-year-old Modric still true to the national team… Trouble re-contract with Real Madrid

Luka Modric (37) is still serious about the national team. Because of this, it is difficult to renew the contract with his team. 

Spanish media ‘As’ said on the 22nd, “Modric’s contract with Real Madrid expires in June. The two sides are still unable to find an agreement on the renewal of the contract.” 

The media said,카지노사이트 “The biggest reason the two sides can’t reach an agreement is the issue of Modric’s retirement from the Croatian national team. Real wants Modric to retire from the national team and focus on his team, while Modric wants beauty at Euro 2024 next summer. is,” he reported. 

The 37-year-old Modric is still making an impact at Real. However, if he cannot reach an agreement with the club, he may leave the team due to the expiration of his contract in June. 

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