50,000 to 70,000 won per month… Seoul City considers introducing ‘integrated commuter pass’ for buses and subways

 Seoul City is considering introducing an integrated commuter pass스포츠토토 that allows unlimited use of public transportation.

According to multiple media reports on the 8th, Seoul is reportedly considering issuing a commuter pass that allows passengers to transfer and use public transportation such as city buses, village buses, and subways without restrictions for a month by paying 50,000 to 70,000 won.

We are also discussing commuter passes for the elderly and foreigners.

The city is also considering a plan to use this commuter pass in metropolitan areas such as Gyeonggi-do and Incheon. The day before, we met with other local governments and transportation authorities, including Incheon, Gyeonggi Province, and KORAIL, to discuss such a plan.

However, a city official explained, “Seoul City is considering introducing unlimited public transportation integrated commuter passes, but there is no confirmation regarding expansion to the entire metropolitan area.”

Seoul City plans to have Mayor Oh Se-hoon personally announce the details on the 11th after final coordination between relevant agencies regarding the introduction of unlimited public transportation passes.

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