7.1 innings 3 runs sluggish? It looked more shabby because it was after the face-to-face confrontation with the monster.

7.1 innings, 3 runs. It is a figure that can be praised by any pitcher. This is because it set a record that surpassed the quality start.

However, if he is a pitcher called Japan’s ace, the story is different. A situation where he has to win the match somehow. A 3-run loss in 7.1 innings can only be called a failure.

This is the story of Orix ace Yamamoto Yoshinobu (24).

On the 14th, Yamamoto faced off against the ‘164 km monster’ Sasaki Loki (Chiba Lotte).

It was a match that drew attention enough to be called the match of the century.

In this confrontation, Yamamoto suffered a decision loss. He threw 101 pitches in 6 innings, giving up 5 hits, 9 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run, but gave up the victory to Sasaki, who responded with 7 scoreless innings.

Could it be because of the aftereffects?

Yamamoto showed a not so good content in the next game. It was a record that would be praised by other pitchers, but because it is Yamamoto, he left a record that could be reprimanded.

Yaamoto became the losing pitcher on the 22nd against Seibu, getting 11 hits in 7.1 innings, striking out 8 and allowing 3 runs without a walk.

After the match on the 14th, they recorded two consecutive losses.

I repeat again, but because the pitch was Yamamoto, it can be said that it is a result that remains regrettable. Because it’s very rare to see Yamamoto allow double-digit hits in a single game.

He was left with a bigger regret that he couldn’t even protect the team’s victory.

Since it was the next match against the monster Sasaki, there was even an analysis that it was an aftereffect.메이저사이트

Will Yamamoto be able to cut off his sluggishness (?) and regain the dignity of an ace again? His height has risen too high and it is not easy to meet the expectations, but fans have faith that Yamamoto can find his place again.

There is a reason to keep a close eye on Yamamoto’s next pitch.

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