A big stone thrown by Lim Chan-gyu… The LG starting lineup fluctuates

Lim Chan-gyu (31) has emerged as the nucleus of the LG mound blast.

The topic of the starting rotation for professional baseball LG is ‘local pitcher’. The one-two punch from Casey Kelly to Adam Plutko is a proven constant. The key is how to organize domestic pitchers who will support it. The key to LG’s challenge for the presidency lies there.

Now, after mid-May,안전놀이터 LG’s native rotation is in the order of ‘Kim Yun-shik – Lim Chan-gyu – Lee Ji-gang’. It’s definitely different from the picture I expected before the season. Variables began when Lee Min-ho, who was initially expected to occupy a certain spot with Kim Yun-shik, was canceled from his entry due to elbow pain on the 10th of last month.

Lim Chan-gyu, who was pushed out of the 5th selection competition, took that position. And Kang Hyo-jong, who had been playing as a 5th starter after pushing away Lim Chan-gyu, swapped places with Lee Ji-gang, who was showing a good figure in the 2nd team with sluggishness. That’s how the current rotation was equipped.

But the winds of change are blowing again. At the center is Lim Chan-gyu, who is on a steep rise. He has an average ERA of 2.48 in 9 games (5 starts) this season, 3 wins and losses. When limited to starting games, his earned run average drops to 1.46 (4 earned runs in 24⅔ innings). He is active every day as if he found his clothes.

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop found the reason for his student’s cruising in the changeup. The command tower said, “I raised my arm speed when pitching a changeup at camp before the season. He sprays so hard that his arm swing is the same as a fastball. As a result, he analyzed that the miss swing rate of batters increased significantly.”

In fact, when Lim Chan-gyu started to enjoy the changeup, he lowered the slider (12.2% → 6.5%) rate by nearly half, raising the changeup rate from 24.2% the previous year to 33%. There is no reason to hide a weapon that works well.

Manager Yeom said, “(The form) was created this year, so there are times when I forget it during the game and go back. That was the case with KT on the 17th. After talking at the dugout in the middle of the game and returning it, he threw it well. He will have to be vigilant about it and find it well in the future,” he laughed.

At the current pace, he can aim for a third starter following the one-two punch from outsiders. This is because Yunshik Kim’s condition is not normal. In addition, Lee Min-ho, who was injured earlier, turns the clock back on the 17th as he plays his first real match with Futures. It means that the right time is approaching for LG to reorganize the starting lineup.

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