A Korean in his 20s who went backpacking in Japan went missing for about two months… local police investigation

A Korean in his 20s who went on a backpacking체스카지노 trip to Japan lost contact for about two months, and the local police began an investigation.

According to the Osaka Consulate General today (27th), Mr. Yoon (27), who entered Osaka, Japan on a tourist visa on May 9th, has been missing since the last contact with her family in the beginning of last month.

It is known that Ms. Yoon went on a trip ahead of her job change and stayed at a guesthouse in Wakayama Prefecture.

The local police received a missing person report and are conducting an investigation to find Mr. Yoon since last month.

The Korean police are also confirming Mr. Yoon’s whereabouts while checking his card usage details.

An official from the consulate general said, “We are helping with the search by exchanging information with the local police while contacting the family in Korea.”

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