A woman handed bottled water to a middle-aged man who was sitting in the scorching sun… “I saw an angel”

The story of a woman who gave bottled water to a middle-aged man who was sitting in front of a convenience store with his head bowed tired from the scorching메이저사이트 sun in midsummer has been revealed and praises from netizens continue.

On the 30th of last month, a post titled ‘I saw an angel today’ was posted on the online community Bobae Dream.

Writer A, who introduced herself as a convenience store owner in her late 30s, told the story of a female customer paying for her bottled water to a middle-aged man sitting in front of a convenience store that day.

Mr. A said, “There was a man sitting in front of our store, and she paid for snacks and bottled water from a female customer and left her next to him. After a while, the man collapsed, but he came right away, explained the situation, called 119, and it was over,” she wrote. The closed circuit ( CC ) TV

that came up with the post shows a man squatting with his head down. The woman left bottled water next to her man, and within about 30 seconds the man collapsed to the floor.

The woman hurriedly went into the convenience store and reported the situation, and Mr. A called the 119 ambulance and the situation was over.

According to Mr. A, the man had no special abnormalities other than bleeding due to injury from the impact of the fall. The man sat for a while and then went back.

Afterwards, Mr. A was pleased, saying, “It’s difficult to do such a good thing to someone you don’t know in the world these days, but it was so nice to see the willingness to buy a bottled water without hesitation.”

Netizens showed reactions such as “There is no angel”, “It is worthy of praise that there are people like that in the world”, and “I hope there will be more warm and kind people”.

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