After robbing an unmanned store, he said, “Ahhhh”… Even CCTV is useless for teenagers

Theft crimes targeting unmanned stores are increasing. Even if there is CCTV , they boldly break the terminal and steal money. In particular, there are many cases of teenagers committing these crimes, so measures are urgently needed.

Reporter Choi Seung-hoon covered the story.


Yesterday (3rd) around 5:30 am, a man wearing a white mask entered an unmanned ice cream shop.

He touched the payment terminal, went out, then came back in about 30 seconds later and repeatedly hit the terminal’s lock with a brick he was carrying.

Then he accidentally hits his hand and bows his head in pain.

Next, another man who appears to be a member of the group comes in and hits the terminal again with a brick.

In the end, when the lock does not fall, the two men leave the bricks behind and escape.

[Store owner: The kiosk was crooked, so I thought it was ‘strange’, so I turned it around and caught it (the crime) and immediately reported it to the police.] People were also seen picking up

bricks and looking out outside the store.

The man stole the brick that supports the outdoor unit of the air conditioner from the store next door and headed to the store.

He opened the door, went inside, and hit a brick at the terminal.

There was no damage to money or goods, but a terminal worth 3.5 million won was partially destroyed.

Previously, in Gwangju last July, three teenagers were caught by 안전놀이터the police while robbing five unowned stores with a crowbar.

Thefts from unmanned stores have doubled in the past year and nine months.

This is an average of about 17 cases per day.

In particular, more than half of the thefts from unmanned stores were attributed to teenagers.

[Nam Eon-ho/Attorney: Punishment is now lighter for teenagers and people who commit accidental crimes… .] Police and local governments are expanding the distribution of access authentication devices and intelligent CCTV

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