All-time FA move… Competition for the title will become more intense

It gets fiercer.

It can be said that it is an unprecedented seismic shift. Professional basketball is shaking. KBL Free Agent (FA) autonomous negotiations ended on the 22nd. Of the 47 people who qualified, 29 decided on their destination. Among them, 14 players transferred to other clubs. 15 new contracts. Above all, a large number of top stars transferred and heated up the air conditioning league. For example, Moon Seong-gon (30) changed his uniform to KT, and Yang Hong-seok (26) changed his uniform to LG. As there were many bold moves, the competition for the championship next season is expected to become more intense.

The teams that received the most spotlight were SK and KCC. SK embraced “Lion King” Oh Se-geun (36). After Oh Se-geun took his first step as a pro in 2011, he has only played for KGC Ginseng Corporation. Last season, he led Ginseng Corporation’s unified victory and was selected as the MVP of the championship match. Unfortunately, he joined hands with SK, who had been fighting for the throne until the end. The reunion with Kim Seon-hyung, who wrote the myth of 52 consecutive victories during his time at Chung-Ang University, and Jamil Warney, who believes and sees this, and Ahn Young-jun, who will be discharged in November, boast the strongest power.

KCC also gritted it. Aiming to return to normal after 13 years. ‘Bad boy’ Choi Jun-yong (29) joined and peaked. Choi Jun-yong also only worked for SK after making his professional debut in 2016. He was named MVP of the regular league in the 2021-2022 season. He is in his prime in his late 20s and can play multiplayer in all positions. KCC has embraced Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun ahead of the 2022-2023 season. While Laguna is protecting the center, Song Gyo-chang, who is serving in the military, will also return in November. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a national team level lineup.

Last season, 먹튀검증professional basketball tasted the heat for a long time. A total of 687,303 spectators led the stadium and drew an upward curve. Compared to the 2018-2019 season, which was before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic, it has recovered to 80% of the level. Admission revenue also exceeded 8.6 billion won, recording an all-time high. It was full of stories, such as the breathtaking ranking battle and the Day One showing their fighting spirit despite financial difficulties. The next season is also difficult to predict. The expectations of many are already rising.

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