Ancelotti → Arteta → De Zervi… Director’s ‘Chain Shift’ Shock Scenario

There was a surprise claim that manager Mikel Arteta would leave Arsenal with the win this season.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Arsenal even made plans to replace him due to the contact between Real Madrid and manager Arteta.

” Coach Arteta,바카라사이트 whose name did not fall out of the hardship rankings until the beginning of last season, is clearly showing his ability this season, when he is perfectly using the combination of veteran players and young players and aggressive team tactics

. It has been 19 years since Wenger’s managerial days in 2004. As

he continued to lead Arsenal, big clubs started naming Arteta as their 

next manager. There was a report in Spain, and in the case of Man City, manager Pep Guardiola praised Arteta for “he has the ability to lead Man City,” and cited him as a candidate for the next manager.

In the midst of this, it seems that Arsenal is preparing for the case of manager Arteta leaving the team, as even Real Madrid shows interest in signing Arteta.

Current Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is surrounded by rumors that he will move to Brazil this summer. Neither the Brazilian Football Association nor Ancelotti are denying the recent move.

The Mirror said, “Arsenal sees Brighton manager Roberto De Gerbi as Arteta’s successor. This speculation came about when Real paid attention to Arteta.” mentioned that there is 

“There are also rumors that De Jerbi’s agent has taken signs that Arsenal may be interested in him. Some believe his time with Arsenal will be over after three and a half years, especially if Arteta wins the title.” He explained the possibility of changing the manager. 

The media also added that Arsenal may not be easy to sign because of the length of his contract, saying, “In order to recruit manager De Jerbi, Brighton has to pay 13 million pounds (about 21.2 billion won).” De Jerbi took over at Brighton midway through this season, and is out of contract until the summer of 2026.

However, manager Arteta dismissed the possibility of joining Real Madrid at a press conference last month, saying, “I am completely focused on what I am doing here at Arsenal. I am proud of the achievements I am achieving at Arsenal.”

With the appearance of the next manager candidate, attention is also focused on what Arteta will do after this season, and if Arsenal wins the league title for the first time in 19 years this season, Arteta’s stock price is expected to soar even more.

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