Another victim of ‘Pastor Schindler’ “Lock the door and run to the bathroom”

KBS ‘ exclusive coverage will continue today (3rd).

Yesterday (2nd), we delivered another face of Pastor A, who helped North Korean defectors and received rave reviews as ‘Asia’s Schindler’.

The police are investigating Pastor A on charges of sexually메이저사이트 harassing teenagers who defected from North Korea for at least five years at an alternative school he runs.

Today, we hear the testimony of another victim.

The place where sexual harassment was mainly in the space where students sleep and live, the dormitory.

Students who had no way to ask for help had to worry about when something bad would happen again, and all they could do was lock the door or go to the bathroom.

First of all, this is reporter Choi Min-young.


4 years ago, Miss D entered an alternative school for North Korean defectors run by Pastor A.

It happened when he was not feeling well and he was resting in his dorm room alone.

[Miss D/Voice Modified: “She said she had a stomach ache, so she came and stroked her stomach. She put her hand under her clothes… and gradually went down. Toward her lower belly.”] Another victim, Ms. E, also had an unpleasant incident in her dormitory room

. It was from

[Miss E/Voice Modified: “After the morning service, the pastor entered the women’s dormitory. Check that there is no one sharing a room with you, wrap your arms around your waist, and keep your hands on your belly, going back and forth like this.”]

Teenagers from North Korea who went to an alternative boarding school because they had no place to go.

All I could do was lock the door.

[Miss C/Voice Modification: “When I say ‘Oh, the pastor is here’, D goes right away and locks the door. I was afraid that he would come into our room.”] [Miss D/Voice Modification: “When I see the pastor, I lock the door

, I just dodged to the bathroom, went to the bathroom and stayed little by little. I kept avoiding it for a while. What if I do this again?”] It

took time to realize what Pastor A’s contact meant in an unfamiliar society called Korea.

[Soundbite D/Voice Modified] : “Every time we meet, we pat each other on places like the waist or buttocks and just touch them… Is this how you say you’re pretty?”] Teenage victims who came to Korea dreaming of a better life

said that it seemed as if their dreams were all shattered. . [Soundbite D/Voice Modified] : “I had a hard time coming to Korea after being repatriated to North Korea, but I think

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