Anyang Pyeongchon High School, association president-bae bowling male high school 5-member hegemony

Anyang Pyeongchon High School took the hegemony in the 24th메이저사이트 Korea Bowling Association Cup National Bowling Competition male high school 5-member match.

Pyeongchon High School, led by coach Kim Joon-sik, teamed up with Kang Ji-hoo, Jo Yong-hun, Lim Ha-il, Lee Jae-hoon, Son Han-gyeol, and Park Tae-yeon in the men’s high school 5-member group match on the 7th day of the tournament held at Cheonil Bowling Stadium in Jeonju on the 15th, and scored a total of 6,618 points (average 220.6). points), and Shin Dong-min won the championship by defeating Namyangju Toegye High School (6,483 points) and Daegu Dowon High School (6,402 points), who recorded perfect in the first game.

In addition, in the individual all-around of Namgobu, Shin Dong-min (Toegyewon High School) recorded 5,573 points (average of 232.2 points), defeating Shin Ji-ho (Yangju Deokjeong High School, 5,522 points) and Bae Jeong-hoon (Suwon Youth Club, 5,487 points) to win the gold medal. Acquired.

On the other hand, in the Girls’ High School Masters at Raon Bowling Stadium, Jo Yoon-seo (Gwangnam High School, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do) scored 2,097 points (average 209.7 points), behind Lee Da-eun (2,339 points) and Lee Na-hye (Daegok High School, Daegu, 2,231 points). He then placed 3rd.

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