April, and the gap in foreign selection…’To make matters worse’ in front of Doosan and ‘convenience of a phone call’

Last year, Doosan had a difficult trip from the beginning of the season due to a fatal shoulder injury to foreign ace Ariel Miranda. Miranda never came back. In the meantime, there was no domestic selection that would replace Miranda. Doosan, which had been in the top 3 until early May, collapsed like a sand castle after mid-May, ending the season in 9th place.

This year, the season started with one foreign pitcher missing. Dylan Pyle, who was expected to lead the Doosan starting lineup along with Raul Alcanrata, who returned from two seasons in Japan, did not make it to the top due to the aftermath of being hit in the head at the Sydney camp in Australia.

Last year’s spring and this year’s spring are similar in some respects, but they look different. If Dylan can join the first-team rotation slowly but not too late, it seems that this point may be interpreted differently. For now, Dylan will go into combat mode after checking the doctor’s opinion this week.

In the absence of Dylan, the vacant pitcher was right-hander Kim Dong-ju. Kim Dong-ju throws a slider with a large movement as his main weapon in a fastball that is 190 cm tall. Kim Dong-ju succeeded in raising his pitching value by changing his slide grip ahead of this season. In addition, Kim Dong-joo is also expected to change the highest speed, which is currently up to around 150 km, if he gains more strength with his slim figure of a third-year high school graduate.

Kim Dong-joo has been playing as the 5 starter since the opening and has recorded 1 win and 1 loss in 2 games. He only pitched 10 innings, but was content enough to record a 0.90 ERA with one run. Above all, the ‘temperament’ that Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is paying attention to as he puts the 5th starting candidate on the mound is attractive. Kim Dong-joo, who is gradually improving his pitching, is pitching head-to-head matches, checking the number of walks per game as a top priority.

Doosan initially tried to assemble 5 starters: Alcantara, Dylan, Choi Won-joon, Kwak Bin, and Choi Seung-yong. Due to Dylan’s injury, left-hander Choi Seung-yong was temporarily promoted to the 4th starter. However, Choi Seung-yong was in a position where he could not help but be stimulated by Kim Dong-ju’s advance. Choi Seung-yong was disastrous with 10 hits and 8 runs in 1.2 innings against Jamsil NC on the 5th, his first appearance, but in the following 2 games, he pitched relatively stably with 8 hits and 5 runs in 10.2 innings. Above all, he took a break in the windup situation for a while and seemed to have newly adapted to the throwing form, giving up only two walks in his two games.

Last year,카지노사이트 Doosan’s foreign pitcher vacancy ended with a sad ending in the flow of ‘making matters worse’. However, on the premise that Dylan will return in good health, Doosan’s foreign pitcher vacancy this season may result in a ‘telephone blessing’. The longer the season and the more proven starting pitchers, the better. On the one hand, Doosan is making the depth of selection. Director Lee Seung-yeop talks about the following while acknowledging the negative content when there are negative scenes after the opening. In addition, he nuances, saying, “Our team will become stronger and stronger.” The calculation of the starting lineup seems to be one of them.

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