Arrest of a man in his 20s for ‘confinement sexual assault’ in Gwanak-gu… “While dating”

A man suspected of confining and sexually assaulting a woman he had been dating for about three days was handed over to the prosecution in custody.

According to the police on the 24th, the Seoul Gwanak Police메이저놀이터 Station arrested and sent A, a man in his 20s, suspected of rape and confinement the day before.

According to the police, Mr. A is accused of confining and sexually assaulting a woman he was dating in Gwanak-gu, Seoul from 11:30 pm on the 10th to 4:30 pm on the 12th.

The police were dispatched after receiving a report from the victim and arrested Mr. A on the 15th. During the police investigation, Mr. A is said to have stated to the effect that ‘they had sex under consensuality and have never been confined’.

However, the police found the tools used by Mr. A to bind the victim at the scene of the crime. On the 18th, the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. A, saying, “There is a risk of destroying evidence.”

The prosecution plans to find out the details of the crime against Mr. A.

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