Arrest warrants dismissed for three JMS female pastors who aided in JMS Jung Myeong-seok sex crimes

All arrest warrants for three JMS executives accused of participating in sex crimes against female believers by Jung Myeong-seok, president of the Christian Gospel Mission (commonly known as JMS ), have been dismissed. According to the legal community on the 29th, Daejeon District Court Seol Seung-won, the presiding judge in charge of warrants, interrogated the suspects before arrest (examination of warrant validity) for three female JMS pastors, including Mr. All arrest warrants were dismissed. Chief Judge Seol explained the reason for the dismissal, saying, “There is room for dispute over causal relationships, so it is necessary to guarantee the right to defense in the state of메이저사이트 detention, and it is difficult to see that there is a concern about running away with a fixed residence.” It was also taken into account that most of the evidence was collected, making it difficult to see that there is a risk of destroying the evidence. They are accused of aiding and abetting the sex crimes of Mr. Jung in the crimes of German nationality and Korean goddesses, such as helping or knowingly acquiescing. Among them, Mr. B, who is a pastor and a dentist, is included. Mr. B is also accused of persuading the victim who filed a complaint with the police to withdraw the report (joint coercion). Previously, the Daejeon District Prosecutors’ Office in May arrested and indicted ‘JMS No. 2’ Kim Ji-sun, who is called the successor of Mr. Jeong, and Mr. Jeong (51), the head of the civil affairs bureau, on charges of quasi-rape and aiding and abetting quasi-rape, respectively, and charged four with quasi-rape and forcible harassment . ·Six female executives were prosecuted, including indictment without detention on charges of aiding and abetting quasi-rape.

In addition, as two male executives of the External Cooperation Bureau, who ordered believers to replace their cell phones, were indicted without detention for instigating the destruction of evidence, the number of JMS church officials under investigation for helping Mr. Jung commit sex crimes increased to 11.

From February 2018 to September 2021, Mr. Jeong was accused of harassing or sexually assaulting a woman of Hong Kong nationality (29) 23 times at a training center in Wolmyeong-dong, Geumsan-gun, Chungnam, and of sexually harassing a woman of Australian nationality (30) and a Korean woman (quasi-rape, etc.) He was arrested and indicted and is currently undergoing trial in the first instance.

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