As there was no ‘review of revival of medical police’… “announced without discussion between ministries”

The government discussed reintroducing compulsory police to prevent violent crimes, but withdrew, perhaps feeling burdened by opposition from the Ministry of National Defense.

The review of the revival of conscripted police was hastily announced at a time when there was a shortage of active-duty soldiers, but it was confirmed that there was never any consultation between ministries.

This is reporter Seungbae Lee.

The revival of the medical police system was first mentioned in the메이저사이트 Prime Minister’s address to the nation.

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister (23rd of last month): We will also actively consider reintroducing the mandatory police system to significantly strengthen our crime prevention capabilities.] It was a

card put forward by the government to prevent violent crimes.

The number of employees by the first half of next year was 8,000, and even detailed figures were announced.

[Hee-Geun Yoon / Commissioner General of the National Police Agency (23rd of last month): We are now discussing with the relevant ministries a plan to operate with the maximum number of points at around 8,000.] However, the Ministry of National Defense expressed its discomfort


This is because the Ministry of Defense is also tightening its belt due to a shortage of active-duty soldiers.

[Ahn Kyu-baek / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (25th of last month): If this kind of policy is discussed again, does the Minister intend to agree?] [Lee Jong-seop / Minister of National Defense (25th of last month)

: Because there are many problems, the things that can be easily agreed to are [I believe it is not.]]

The Ministry of National Defense’s target for the number of standing troops is 500,000.

To achieve this, 220,000 people need to be recruited every year, but as the birth rate falls, it is predicted that it will fall below the maintenance line from 2036 and plummet to 120,000 in 2042.

In the end, the Prime Minister’s Office took a step back within a day.

We began to adjust the tone from ‘active’ review to ‘if necessary’ review.

An official from the Prime Minister’s Office said that the rearrangement of the police organization was a priority, and that the police force was one of the second best options, so it was not aborted or canceled, and that they were not discussing the police force at the moment.

Although this is an issue that cannot be introduced without coordination between ministries, it has been confirmed that there has never been a consultation between the National Police Agency, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Military Manpower Administration.

Not a single official document was passed.

The statement to the public is the government’s pledge and promise to the people, but the hasty announcement made the review of reintroducing police officers, which was a key measure to prevent violent crimes, virtually non-existent.

This is YTN Lee Seung-bae.

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