Back to Okinawa like a typhoon boomerang… Possible East Coast Impacts Next Week

Let’s take a look at the movement of Typhoon No. 6 ‘Kanun’.

Typhoon Kanun, which stayed in the sea west of Okinawa, Japan메이저놀이터, turned like a boomerang and started moving toward Japan again.

Next week, our east coast is also likely to be affected.

This is Correspondent Park Won-ki in Tokyo.


A shopping street in Okinawa Prefecture was hit by a typhoon.

The vaulted roof was punctured as if it had been bombed.

Supermarket shelves were empty because goods could not be brought in because of the typhoon.

[Guest: “The power outage caused by the typhoon made it impossible to eat food in the refrigerator. I’m thinking of living for a day. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the power outage shouldn’t happen again…”] Contrary to the wishes of the residents, Typhoon

Kanun It is expected to be close to Okinawa again around tomorrow (5th).

This is because the typhoon, which moved westward from the sea south of Okinawa, stopped for a while in the East China Sea and then changed its direction to the east again, that is, towards Okinawa and Kagoshima.

[Soundbite] Ikeda(Japan Meteorological Agency, Weather Consultation Center) : “In Okinawa and the Amami Islands (Southern Kagoshima Prefecture), strong winds are expected to blow by the 6th, which could cause trucks to fall sideways.

” Okinawa, which failed to do so, is an emergency.

Fallen trees and broken facilities are left unattended on each road, and many shops are still closed.

About 210,000 households, about one third of the total, suffered power outages, and tens of thousands of households still do not have electricity.

In some places, the water supply has been cut off, requiring daily rations.

The typhoon is expected to pass through Kyushu in southern Japan early next week and then head north into the East Sea, raising the possibility that the East Coast, Ulleungdo, and Dokdo will be directly affected by the typhoon.

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