Barcelona acknowledge Messi’s return… “I’m far away, but I still love you”

It has been revealed that Barcelona are actually pushing for the return of Lionel Messi.

According to a report by Spanish media ‘Sport’ on the 31st (Korean time), Barcelona vice-president Rafa Yuste said in an interview, “We want Messi to return. Messi and his family are in contact with us.”

He then showed off a close relationship, saying, “Messi and his family know that I have affection for them.”

“I hope that all the conditions are met and the love story with Messi ends in Barcelona. Even though we grew apart, we still loved Messi. He will love Messi too Barcelona. I am a believer in destiny,” he said, eager for Messi’s return.

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expires in June. As news of the renewal of the contract has not yet been heard, a question mark is attached to Messi’s future.

He can’t guarantee to stay at PSG. Messi has had talks with PSG about renewing the contract, but it is said that there is a clear difference of opinion in terms of salary and contract period.

Among them, rumors of Messi returning to Barcelona surfaced. It has also been alleged that Barcelona president Juan Laporta met with Messi’s father, Jorge, last month to explore the possibility of a return.

It wasn’t just a rumor.메이저놀이터 Vice Chairman Yuste said, “We have two months left. First, we have to submit our plan to La Liga president Javier Tebas,” he said, referring to Messi’s return plan.

“Then, the conditions must be right. Messi is currently a PSG player. I can’t say anything now. Because he doesn’t want to get involved in PSG’s affairs,” he said.

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