Baseball without an answer, start with a culture that players and fans can enjoy in their respective positions

The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) ended with a one-man show by Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels). The Korean national team, which failed to advance to the second round three times in a row, has returned early and is holding an exhibition game.

After the national team suffered a crushing defeat at the WBC, various answers are being presented in various places. There were also opinions that amateur baseball should re-use aluminum bats, and opinions to increase or eliminate foreign players in the KBO League. There are voices calling for an increase in the amount of training to refine skills, and there are also calls for expanding regular matches at international competitions. The fact that more opinions than ever have been actively exchanged through various channels is read as a sign that there are still many people who have a lot of love for Korean baseball. It’s nice.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced that it would establish a mid- to long-term plan for the development of Korean baseball in the wake of the WBC failure. A key KBO official said, “There is no plan to make it quickly.” It is a will not to hastily announce the plan in order to dispel public opinion. I am about to listen to various voices of various classes and, if necessary, look into foreign amateurs and training systems. Even if it takes time, it is an idea to check one by one and come up with an effective plan.

One way is to refer to the mandalat planner Ohtani used in high school. It is a way of setting the goal of world domination of Korean baseball as an overarching goal and setting detailed goals for realizing the goal. It must be a massive task, and it is not a problem that can be achieved only with the will of the KBO or 10 teams.

It seems necessary to take this opportunity to come up with ideas that the government, education, and industry can participate in, and prepare a foothold for baseball to become a standard model for the domestic sports industry.안전놀이터 If you find a solution only within a certain group, you will have no choice but to influence it, and in any case, money must circulate to create investors. It is nonsense to try to develop baseball without industrialization.

What we must not forget in the process of establishing a plan for the revival of Korean baseball is the faces of people. Despite the disastrous WBC match, which was called a crushing defeat, the faces of the fans who visited each stadium where the KBO League demonstration games were held were bright. The excitement of watching baseball, the joy of seeing the players cheering for spring in good health, and the refreshing feeling of being able to shout and clap as much as you want while looking at the wide stadium all lead to a bright expression.

The facial expressions of the players participating in the game are also similar. It’s a small number, but it’s always exciting to play with a crowd standing up and cheering. Although some players have announced that they will not attend the opening media day for one reason or another, the players cannot hide their excitement at meeting their fans. The bright expressions of fans and players are the real value that Korean baseball must uphold.

They tend to be stingy with a culture in which players and fans can communicate and respect each other on and off the field. The players start because they like baseball, and it is the fans who watch them grow and share their joys and sorrows. Respect for people and respect for sweat shed are values ​​that should be enjoyed. If you are respected, you will strive to become a better player and a more mature fan. Technical perfection is the duty of a professional player, but you must have untiring passion and tenacity in the process.

Creating a culture where people can naturally acquire this passion and tenacity. It should be the first goal to achieve the globalization of Korean baseball.

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