‘Beautiful’ Jo Gyu-seong shows off his header skills 

Jo Gyu-seong (25) of Midtjylland in the Danish Superliga scored his 5th goal of the season. He succeeded in scoring with a wonderful header shot. He scored the first goal in an away game against Viborg (2-2 draw) on the 16th (Korean time).

smart. This does not simply mean that you are good at making headers. This means that both soccer intelligence and physical ability are outstanding. Dig into empty spaces well and accurately identify the drop point of the cross. Based on good jumping ability and endurance, he is in a better position to head the ball than the defender. And it makes a perfect impact.

It is safe to call him a ‘master of heather’. With your body in the air, send the ball into the empty space of the goal. Hit the ball like a spike so the goalkeeper can’t react. As a goalkeeper, it is very difficult to find the time to throw your body because the ball bounces right in front of you카지노사이트.

Gyu-seong Cho often created wonderful works with ‘Luxury Header’. He showed off his presence with two header goals at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He twisted Lee Kang-in’s cross and produced a spike header, and Kim Jin-soo’s somewhat high cross was finished with a cannonball header over the defender’s head using his high jump and long flight time.

He scored his debut goal in Midtjylland with a header, and on the 13th, wearing the Korean national team uniform, he scored the winning goal against Saudi Arabia (Korea won 1-0) with a header. He used his head to calmly return the ball, which was deflected by an opposing defender, into the corner of the goal. He then returned to his team Midtjylland and scored a devastating spike header goal.

During his school days, he gained more ‘brain’ experience as a defender and midfielder. He has a good understanding of the game as a whole and how to move to advantage in off-the-ball situations. Even looking at his recent header goals, this is clearly reflected. He doesn’t just make shots with his head. Where there are no defenders, fighting with the defender, higher than the defender. The choice of header varies depending on the situation, making it more eye-catching.

What is more encouraging is that the ‘brainy’ Jo Gyu-seong is not only good at headers. With a good physical condition of 188cm and 82kg, he plays a lot and uses both his feet well. His footwork skills are not bad, and his mid-range shooting is also good. He continues to develop into a striker who is good at both aerial and ground combat. They got off to a good start in their European challenge. But there is still a long way to go. This is because the gap between the Danish Superliga and the European big leagues is clear. We must continue to perform sharper, more accurately, and more destructively. Expectations are high because he is a ‘brainy’ player.

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