“Body condition OK, exercise ING”… Two months after the release, Choi Yong-je has not yet given up

Choi Yong-je, who graduated from Gwangju Jinheung High School and Hongik University, joined Doosan Bears in 2014 as a ‘training player’ and started his full-fledged professional life. Choi Yong-je, who did not receive a chance in the first team at the beginning of his joining, quickly solved the problem of military service by enlisting in the Sangmu baseball team. After taking off the heavy burden, Choi Yong-je staged an armed demonstration in the Futures League. He performed so well that in the 2018 season he had a batting average of 0.337 and in 2019 he had a batting average of 0.349. However, he rarely heard of a call-up to the first team.

Choi Yong-je, who had been in the 2nd team all along, was called up to the 1st team only in the 2020 season. Choi Yong-je, who stepped on the first team stage after 4 years since 2016, only played 28 games, but he played not badly with a batting average of 0.295 OPS 0.695. And the 2021 season was an unforgettable year. Choi Yong-je appeared in 79 games and recorded a batting average of 0.279, especially a pinch hitter with a batting average of 0.371 (13 hits in 3 at-bats), and his talent began to blossom.

It was not easy to see Choi Yong-je in the first team this year, who faced a turning point in his baseball life, which was not resolved. He made 메이저놀이터 only one at-bat in the first team, and the appearance that his excellent batting ability was an advantage disappeared. He stayed with a batting average of 0.207 OPS and 0.537 in 56 games in the second team. And last October, I experienced the pain of being released from Doosan.

On the 11th, Choi Yong-je gave an interview with ‘My Daily’ about his current situation. He said, “It’s been more than two months since I left Doosan, and I’ve been teaching young children while doing individual exercises at the academy.” I am not letting go,” he said.

This is Choi Yong-je, who showed off his outstanding batting ability in the 2nd Army even when he was not called up to the 1st Army. But why was it so sluggish this year? Choi Yong-jae explained, “I had a bad shoulder, but since 2019 I have always been given injections. However, as the regulations of KADA (Korea Anti-Doping Agency) have changed, I have not been able to get injections this year.”

In January of this year, KADA banned local injections of glucocorticoids (GC) during competition, which was possible until last year. As the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned GC injection treatment, KADA also followed the corresponding regulations. Currently, the injection treatment regulations have been relaxed, but at the time, Choi Yong-je could not receive the injection treatment he had been receiving regularly due to KADA regulations.

Choi Yong-jae said, “I put up with the pain to go to the 1st team, but when I put up with the pain, my appearance and results were not good, and my skills did not come out.” I didn’t. And I was able to get the injection only in September. I wanted to show something at the end, but I couldn’t.”

My current physical condition is perfect. Choi Yong-je, who gave up the call-up to the first team after receiving injection treatment in September, devoted himself to recovering his shoulder while doing rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. He said, “If I get an injection, I feel good for a year, but this year I couldn’t get the injection and I felt pain when I did a full swing, so there was no choice but to have an effect. But I’ve been steadily managing it, and now I have no problems with my body condition. raised

Choi Yong-je still hopes to play as an active player. Choi Yong-jae said, “It was fun to teach young children and see their skills improve. However, I think I am second to none as a backup catcher. I still have confidence in hitting. It will be the same, but I want to continue to wear the active uniform until I can play baseball.”

Although his mind has been shaken as time has passed since his release, his desire to continue his career as a player remains unchanged. It remains to be seen whether Choi Yong-jae, who performed well as a right-handed hitter and pinch hitter last year, can continue his dream.

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