Chameleon Belho, Zambia match is the last ‘experimental’ stage

The game against Zambia is the stage for the final experiment. 

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, is about to play the second match against Zambia’s women’s soccer team, led by coach Bruce Mwafe, in an A-match invitation by Shinsegae E-Mart held at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th. 

Our national team continues to warm up for the FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which will be held in July. This match against Zambia is the last game in terms of ‘experiment’. 

Belho will return to his team after this match and will be called up again during the A-match period in June. Since the World Cup is just around the corner in June, it is difficult to make big changes. This is the reason why this Zambia game is said to be the stage of the final experiment. 

Because of this, in the last game, Belho made a lot of changes. Even so, he scored 5 goals against Zambia and showed his strength to win 5-2. Although the style was different, it was a pleasant victory because it was a mock test for the World Cup match against Morocco. 

It seems that the keynote of the second game will not be different. We will experiment with different players and different formations, but the goal is to bring victory. 

Many players such as Cho So-hyun,스포츠토토 Lee Geum-min, Jang Seul-gi, Chu Hyo-joo, and Kim Hye-ri, who showed good performance in the first game, are expected to perform well, but Park Eun-sun, who performed equally well in the first game, is expected to play an active role. Park Eun-seon returned to A-match after 7 years in the last game 1 and reported a goal to return to A-match after 9 years. The goal is to continue this in the second round. 

In addition, whether or not Ji “Jimesh” So-yeon, the ace of the national team, will participate is also a matter of interest. Ji So-yeon could not participate due to an injury in the first game, and it is impossible to guarantee participation in the second game. 

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