Chun-Soo Lee “My feet suddenly moved”… Chase and catch drunk hit-and-run criminal

The other night, a driver who was driving drunk at the entrance of Olympic-daero near Dongjak Station crashed into another vehicle and was caught after a chase.

The person who followed and caught the drunk driver was Lee Chun-soo, a former soccer player, and his manager.

Reporter Alim Yoon reports.


An access road to Olympic-daero near Dongjak Station in Seoul메이저사이트.

Two men run across the road.

The person running away is a drunk driver who crashes into a taxi.

The person chasing is the victim taxi driver.

It’s not easy to catch up, so the taxi driver calls for help.

[Taxi driver: “Because he is old, I couldn’t catch him. Seeing the situation, he suddenly asked me what was going on, so he said it was a hit and run.”] At the taxi driver’s urgent request, a man got out of the car and ran

. going.

Another man runs after him.

I am Cheonsoo Lee, a former national football team member, and Lee’s manager.

On his way home from filming, he witnessed a drunk driver fleeing and started a chase.

[Soundbite] Lee Chun-soo/Former National Football Team : “I suddenly opened the door and went out to help out…”

Mr. Lee and the manager caught the drunk driver in about 5 minutes by running on a dark car on a rainy night. [Soundbite] Lee Cheon-soo(Former national soccer player) : “Behind the guardrail, right next to it, it’s a cliff. Yeah, just thinking about it now , I’m amazed at how my feet and body moved all of a sudden



He was in a ‘license revoked’ level of intoxication.

[Soundbite] Lee Cheon-soo(Former National Football Team) : “I was an old man and I think I only had the thought of catching him when he ran into a situation where he was desperately talking about it.”] The police are investigating Mr. Kim on charges of running away and driving under the influence


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