Deoksu Han “Isn’t the taxi fare about 1,000 won…?” “A city bus costs 2,000 won?”

When Prime Minister Han Deok-soo was asked메이저사이트 about the cost of a taxi during a comprehensive policy inquiry by the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Budget and Accounts on the 30th, he answered, “About 1,000 won,” but then corrected himself.

At the general meeting of the Budget and Accounts Committee held at the National Assembly on this day, when Lee Soo-jin, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, asked, “Taxi fares in Seoul have also increased. Do you know how much they are?” Prime Minister Han responded, “Well, it was about 1,000 won.” There was laughter among the lawmakers who were watching this question and answer on the spot.

Rep. Lee Soo-jin said, “It has risen from 3,800 won to 4,800 won,” adding, “It is an important factor in price increase and something that people are having a hard time with. Taxi fares in 10 metropolitan cities have also increased by 26% in the future. “Even local governments that had refrained from raising taxi fares are predicting an increase in taxi fares,” he pointed out.

When Representative Lee additionally asked about the ‘city bus fare in Seoul,’ Prime Minister Han was speechless and said, “It’s currently 2,000 won.” The current city bus fare in Seoul is 1,500 won. Rep. Lee said, “You must be aware of this. “Transportation costs are serious for ordinary people,” he pointed out. Afterwards, Prime Minister Han explained, “I think I made a mistake when I mentioned the 1,000 won taxi fare because I had heard many reports about the increase and thought about it.” The explanation was that Seoul City responded incorrectly when it raised the basic taxi fare by 1,000 won in February.

Representative Lee later posted on Facebook, “How can the Prime Minister of the Yoon administration, who does not even know the basic taxi fare, use the people’s tax money well?” and “It was a hot topic that the basic taxi fare across the country increased, but how much is the basic fare?” “I am very frustrated with Prime Minister Han who, when asked if he knew anything, gave an absurd answer, ‘Isn’t it about 1,000 won?’

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