“Did I do something wrong?” A woman in her 20s who scolded a 7-year-old boy for stealing from the women’s restroom protests

Controversy is brewing over the story of a woman in her twenties scolding a 7-year-old boy who looked inside through a crack in the bathroom door, but was instead protested by the child’s mother.

On the 3rd, on the online community Natepan, a post titled ‘Did I do something wrong in the women’s bathroom’ was posted.

Writer A said, “I don’t understand if I overreacted to something that just happened in the bathroom, so I’m looking up.” “After using the cafe, I was sitting in the toilet in the shopping mall doing errands while I was sitting (on the toilet) touching my phone, and suddenly I felt your eyes on me.” what?’ I wanted to raise my head, and through the crack in the door I saw an eyeball,” he explained the situation at the time.

Then, he said, “I met my eyes, but I was so startled that I screamed as if I was in a horror movie, and soon the eyes disappeared.”

Mr. A said, “I hurriedly came out and looked in the direction of the disappearance, and there was a boy who seemed to be 6 or 7 years old. He said, ‘Little boy, why are you peeping? You can’t peek through the door.'” However, he said, “I think my voice got a little louder because I was very surprised that my heart was pounding and I just met the eyes of a stranger메이저사이트.”

However, “the boy started crying and a woman who appeared to be his mother came in a hurry and asked what was going on. I explained the situation, but he said, ‘No, I’m not a grown-up middle school student or high school student, can I assume that a 7-year-old boy is looking for his mother?’ ” said

In an absurd situation, Mr. A complained, “When I asked, ‘Isn’t 7 years old an old age where you can go outside and wait?”

In the end, Mr. A said, “I continued to fight and had a schedule, so I screamed, ‘If you are 7 years old, you can wait outside the bathroom enough, so don’t bring her to the women’s bathroom. Do not spy on her and properly educate her'” and came out. Do you not understand?” asked the netizen’s opinion.

Netizens sympathized with Mr. A’s opinion and said, “If she is looking for her mother, she should call her mother out loud first, why is she looking through the crack in the door?” Another netizen also said, “I am also a mother raising sons and daughters, but I have never taken my son to the women’s bathroom when he was that age.” However, some netizens commented, “A 7-year-old is a baby. She can come in looking for her mother and look through the door without much thought.”

One netizen pointed out the structure of the bathroom door itself, saying, “I, a man, sometimes think that I can see the inside through a gap in the bathroom rather than doing errands in the bathroom.”

Meanwhile, according to the ‘Public Sanitation Management Act Enforcement Rules’ revised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in June of last year, children over the age of 4 (48 months) are not allowed to enter baths and changing rooms along with parents of a different gender.

In 2000, when the Enforcement Regulations of the Public Health Management Act were enacted, the age of prohibition for male and female accompaniment was 7 years of age or older. However, as the growth rate of children accelerated, it was lowered to 5 years old or older in the 2003 revision, and it was lowered by one year last year.

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