Director Klinsman, “Lee Kang-in is special”… “Everybody makes mistakes”

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann looked back at the game. 

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, lost 0-1 to the Peruvian national soccer team, led by coach Juan Reinoso, in Hana Bank’s invitational A-match held at Busan Asiad Stadium on the 16th at 8:00 pm (Korean time).메이저놀이터

Coach Klinsman added, “It was a very interesting game. We struggled in one-on-one situations in midfield. But after that, we played well and I think we led the game in the second half.” 

The following is a Q&A with director Klinsman. 

Q. How did you see the overall game?

It was a pretty interesting match. I struggled for about 20-25 minutes in the first half. Peru built up from behind, but our midfielders struggled a bit in one-on-one matches. In that situation, we have to stick together and compete against the South American team, but if we don’t, it will be difficult. However, after that, our players overcame that situation, and in the second half, I think we led the game

It was a difficult game because we lost first. I should have released it while pressing the opponent closely, but the gap widened. If the gap opens against the South American team, it will give a menacing scene in front of the gate. It seems that the pace has been found through active defense. I highly appreciate the effort and fighting spirit to bring the game into our flow. 

Q. How did you see Lee Kang-in’s performance?

(Lee) Kangin is now very famous in South America. This is because Spanish La Liga is popular in South America and attracts stars. For this reason, Paeroo also showed cooperative defense. Even in such a situation, Kangin always seems to be fun and makes me look forward to it.” What 

I want to say is that (Lee) Kangin is a growing player, and it is time to think about when to dribble and when to do one-touch. is a very good player, but no one can bring victory alone. I still want to evaluate Kangin as a very special player.

Q. Park Yong-woo was brought in as a substitute. Do you know about the controversy before the call-up? Do you know

what happened before the call-up? Doo-jae Won was momentarily injured and had to be replaced. I was positive about his attitude when convening and working with us and his attitude on and off the field. I tried to keep showing a good figure. Q. All players work hard in training

. The opportunity for Park Yong-woo can be an excuse.

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially young and young players make more mistakes. Mistakes can always be made on and off the field. I think it is my role to make him grow. Anything beyond that isn’t for me to decide. Even now I still make mistakes. I think it’s my role to give him advice and help him grow as a human being.

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