“Do you want to be a teacher like that?” Parents who verbally abused students for months finally apologize

A parent who continuously verbally abused an elementary메이저사이트 school teacher for several months was judged to have violated the teacher’s rights. The parent eventually apologized.

According to the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education on the 19th, Teacher A submitted a report for infringement of teaching rights, saying that he had recently been repeatedly subjected to verbal abuse and insults over the phone by Parent B. Parent B is said to have been dissatisfied with Teacher A’s method of resolving conflicts between students and has been making comments since June of this year, such as, “How can I be a teacher if I do that?”

At the Committee for the Protection of Teachers’ Rights held on the 15th, members said, “Parents’ verbal abuse was continuous and repeated,” and considered it to be a violation of teachers’ rights. Parent B also attended the Teachers’ Rights Protection Committee on this day, acknowledged his mistake, and apologized to Teacher A.

However, even if the Teaching Rights Protection Committee recognizes it as a violation of teaching rights, there is no legal basis for imposing sanctions on parents. An official from the city’s Office of Education said, “Following the death of the teacher at Seoi Elementary School, the number of cases in Ulsan where parents have acknowledged violations of their teacher’s rights has been increasing,” and added, “We plan to support Teacher A with psychological treatment, vacation or sick leave, and litigation costs related to legal disputes.”

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