EBS ‘Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten’ features an autistic child character ‘Byeol’

For the first time in a Korean children’s program, a character with autism spectrum disorder appears in EBS TV ‘s <Ding Dong Deng Kindergarten>. On the 15th, EBS said, “In the children’s program <Ding Dong Deng Kindergarten>, in order to provide a platform for understanding and understanding the characteristics of children with developmental disabilities, a character with ‘autism spectrum disorder’ was created.

” It is another challenge of <Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten> that allows us to more widely accept the values ​​of boundaries, respect, and diversity in the early childhood and early childhood period, when awareness and awareness are established.” <Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten> has shown children from multicultural families and characters who overturn gender메이저사이트 role stereotypes one after another.

This is the first time that autistic children have appeared in a domestic children’s program. In the United States, in 2016, PBS ‘ famous children’s program <Sesame Street> featured a character with autism spectrum disorder, ‘Julia’. She explained how to play with Julia at the child’s eye level, and was greatly welcomed by families with autistic children as well as families without disabilities.

‘Byeol’, the character of <Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten>, has the characteristics of waving her body or arms, being sensitive to noise, and particularly liking car toys. ‘Byul-yi’ shows a liking for vehicles and toys by guessing even difficult names, but becomes sensitive when faced with a car horn or a loud noise.

In the ‘Hello, Byeol’ episode on the 17th, where Byul-i first appears, Ding Dong-dang kindergarten friends meet Byul-i and the teacher conveys Byeol-i’s unique characteristics to the children’s eye level. The teacher emphasizes the value of integrated education, saying, “If you know and understand Byul’s thoughts, we are already ready to become friends.”

The production team thought hard to create ‘Byeol-i’. In order to realistically reveal the characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorders, we consulted experts, consulted related books, and interviewed families of children with disabilities. As the word ‘spectrum’ is attached, it is difficult to explain and express various disabilities, so the production team said that they had several meetings. In collaboration with the writer and editor of <A Child with a Box>, a children’s story about communication drawn from the perspective of artists with developmental disabilities, he also created the theme song and music video for ‘Byuli’.

The production team also said, “Children with developmental disabilities are also members of our society, and we sincerely hope that it will serve as a foundation for finding answers to the question, ‘What does our society need right now?’ in order to live harmoniously with them.”

However, there is an afterword about the fact that the program set Byeol as “a member of society who does not go to ‘Ding Dongdang Kindergarten’ but lives in Ding Dongdang Village and comes across naturally.” A number of viewers of <Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten> raised the question of whether it is necessary to establish that Byeol is not attending kindergarten at a time when countless children with autism are already attending kindergarten and receiving integrated education.

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