‘End of the 3rd negotiation’ WKBL FA, now the only thing left is to fight for the compensation players

WKBL FA (free agent) has ended up to the 3rd round of negotiations.

This year, the WKBL FA market has virtually come to an end. 10 out of 16 FA candidates re-signed with the original team, and Kim Jong-un (Hana One Q) and Kim Ye-jin (KB Stars) chose to transfer. Four players, Lee Sa-bin (BNK), Lee Jung-hyeon (Hana One Q), Choi Hee-jin, and Park Ji-eun (KB Stars) announced their retirement from active service.

Now, naturally, the attention is focused on the compensation player. WKBL must give compensation money or one compensation player to the former team according to the contribution of the recruited player.

300% of the contract amount for 1st to 10th place in the season or 1 compensation player excluding 4 protected players including recruited players, 11th to 20th place 200% of the contract amount or compensation excluding 4 protected players am. From 1st to 30th in the previous season and 21st in the corresponding season, 100% of the contract amount or compensation players excluding 5 protected players must be given. Compensation players occur except for

Kim Jong-un, who returned to his home team Bucheon Hana 1Q, was 17th in his contribution this season. Looking at the current atmosphere, the former team, Asan Woori Bank, is more likely to choose a reward player than a reward. Hana One Q is in a situation where it has to tie up four protected players, including Kim Jong-un.

Looking at the Hana One Q roster, the three most influential protected players are Shin Ji-hyeon, Yang In-young, and Jeong Ye-rim. Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young’s national team are the core resources of the team, and Jung Ye-rim showed remarkable growth this season and established himself as the main axis. Rookie Park Jin-young, Lee Da-hyun, and Ko Seo-yeon will be tied as automatic protection players.

Excluding them, Hana 1 Q is full of potential prospects. The most notable name is Park So-hee. Park So-hee, who is 178 cm tall, is a tall guard whose strength is her attack power. She won her Rookie of the Year award this season and made a name for herself. Although she still lacks more, she is definitely a promising prospect with a promising future.크크크벳

If she brings Kim Ji-young and Kim Aena along, she is well worth taking advantage of. Kim Ji-young opened her eyes to defense and assists and showed a more developed play, and Kim Aena won the Sixth Man Award by leading the front line of Hana 1Q with Shin Ji-hyun. Woori Bank is expected to decide on a reward player after looking at Hana 1Q’s list of protected players.

On the other hand, Kim Ye-jin, who opened a new nest at Cheongju KB Stars, ranked 46th in contribution last season and 29th this season. KB Stars can tie 6 protected players including Kim Ye-jin. It is expected that he will protect all the key players because he has some room. Hana 1Q, like Woori Bank, also took the lead to choose compensation players rather than compensation.

Hana One Q and KB Stars plan to submit a list of protected players to WKBL by 5:00 pm on the 28th. Woori Bank and Hana One Q receive the list of protected players and decide on the compensation players by 5:00 pm on the 30th.

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