Endless banking ’embezzlement’ accident…”Internal control useless”

From Woori Bank last year to BNK Kyongnam Bank this year, embezzlement cases worth tens of billions of won are continuing.

Most of them are made over a long period of time, so it is pointed out that there is a problem with the bank’s internal control.

This is Reporter Lee Hyeong-won.

Embezzlement incidents are continuing at financial companies where customers trust and entrust their money.

The largest scale ever was the embezzlement of 70 billion메이저사이트won by a Woori Bank employee last year. BNK

Kyongnam Bank, which exploded this time , is the second, and the amount exceeds 50 billion won. From 2017 to last month, the amount of embezzlement in the financial sector amounted to 220 billion won, with accidents big and small, including embezzlement of tens of billions of won. Most of the damage was done over a long period of time and was discovered belatedly. [Hong Ki-bin / Director of Global Political Economy Research Institute (Newsrider Appearance): (Financial companies) depended too heavily on individual employees they knew professionally… . If you look at the amount recovered compared to the embezzlement amount, it is only 7-8%.] Previously, the Financial Supervisory Service prepared internal control innovation plans after the Woori Bank embezzlement accident last year. The goal is to limit the ratio of long-term workers and establish rotational work. In particular, when approving long-term work, the current status of debt and investment was checked to reduce the risk of accidents.

However, as another super-large embezzlement accident broke out in a year, questions about the effectiveness of this plan are bound to be raised.

[Lee Jeong-hwan / Professor of Economics and Finance, Hanyang University (appearing in Good Morning YT): Isn’t internal management wrong with the Financial Supervisory Service or this position? It seems that there are general concerns about these things, whether things like protocols are completely well done.]

As a result, it is pointed out that the CEO of a financial company should be held accountable for the embezzlement case to raise awareness.

Considering this, the financial authorities decided to make up for the lack of internal control innovation within this year.

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