Even the last chance was kicked, Dodgers released → Forced retirement crisis “Is there a team that will throw away morality?”

Trevor Bauer (32), a ‘geek pitcher’ who took a year and a half off for sexual assault, failed to return to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is unclear whether Bauer, who expressed disappointment at the release notice, will be able to play for another team. 

The Dodgers announced the DFA for Bauer on the 7th (hereafter Korean time). If there is no club he wants by the 13th, Bauer will go through a complete release process and be released as a free agent. ‘USA Today Sports’ said, ‘The Dodgers’ decision seems to have taken Bauer by surprise. He believed he would rejoin the team after meeting with Dodgers officials,’ he said. 

Bauer said in his statement, “I was unable to communicate with the Dodgers club throughout the administrative leave and mediation process, but after the mediation decision, I spoke with the Dodgers leadership. We talked for two weeks about his return, and we also had a meeting in Arizona yesterday. “They said they wanted me to come back this year and pitch for the team.” 

Bauer continued, “I am disappointed with the team’s decision today, but I am grateful for the support I received from the Dodgers clubhouse. I hope the players will be able to do it, and I look forward to competing elsewhere.” 

However, according to USA Today Sports, two Dodgers officials strongly denied Bauer’s claim. The trade was promoted rather than his return, and the trade was recognized after the ban was eased from 324 games to 194 games and he was allowed to play from the 51st game this season. The trade was not made because there was no team he wanted. 

The reason the Dodgers met with Bauer was because they thought they should hear his story at least once. At the meeting with Bauer for the first time in 18 months after the administrative leave in July 2021, the Dodgers were rather disappointed. Dodgers officials did not disclose details of the conversation, but said they did not hear any reflection or apology. The Dodgers team, who returned to LA after meeting in Arizona, made the final decision to release Bauer. 

If Bauer is not claimed during the waiver period, the Dodgers will have to pay Bauer’s remaining annual salary of $22.5 million this year. 메이저놀이터 A team that takes free agent Bauer can spend it on a minimum salary of $720,000. Even so, it is unclear whether there will be a team that wants Bauer. USA Today Sports asked, ‘Can Bauer pitch again in the big leagues? Is there any team that would trade morality for talent? Can they afford to alienate their fans and potentially create a clubhouse divide? Just to add a few victories with a minimum salary of 720,000 dollars?’ 

Meanwhile, Bauer was accused of sexual assault with a woman in June 2021, and received an indefinite administrative leave from the Major League Secretariat in July and was out for the season. In February of last year, both charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence, and the possibility of returning was opened, but when two women who claimed to have been subjected to similar violence appeared, the secretariat issued a severe punishment of suspension of 324 games to Bauer in April of last year. 

Bauer, who claimed innocence and regret, appealed, and the disciplinary action was eased to 194 games on the 23rd of last month through a legal arbitrator recognized by the secretariat and the players union. Starting from the 51st game this year, it is possible to participate. The Dodgers’ choice, which had to decide on Bauer’s move within two weeks after the arbitration decision, was release.