“Everybody owes something”… ‘Last season 2G participation’ sale, pledge to revive

Chris Sale was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 1st round, 13th overall pick in the 2010 draft. Sale, who stepped on the major league stage immediately in the 2010 season, began to play an active role as a starting pitcher in the 2012 season. Sale, who played for the White Sox until the 2016 season, joined Boston through a trade ahead of the 2017 season.

Sale recorded an average ERA of 먹튀검증 2.90 in 32 starts in the 2017 season, 17 wins, 8 losses, 73 runs (69 ERA) in 214⅓ innings. After a tremendous performance, Sale finished second in the American League Cy Young Award. In the 2018 season, he pitched in 27 games, going 12-4 with 158 innings and 39 runs (37 earned) with an earned run average of 2.11. He also stepped on the World Series stage for the first time and wore a championship ring.

However, later injuries caught Sale’s ankle. In August 2019, I suffered a left elbow injury. In March 2020, he underwent Tommy John surgery. He returned for the 2021 season and recorded an average earned run average of 3.16 in 9 games, 5 wins, 1 loss, 42⅔ innings, 19 runs (15 earned runs). In his last season, he suffered injuries to his ribs, fingers and wrists. In particular, his wrist injury was from an accident while riding his bicycle. Sale only played 2 games in the 2022 season. Sale’s career record is 114-75 with a 3.03 ERA.

American ‘MLB.com’ released an interview with Sale on the 22nd (Korean time). “I get more motivation from my teammates and coaches and staff and fans,” Sale said. “You know, I owe these people something. I owe them all.”

He then recalled a time when he had a bicycle accident. “Actually, it was a beautiful day. It was the first day I played catch after my pinky surgery. I felt really good. I had a good workout,” said Sale. “I only know it was badly bent to the left side. I was thrown out and I found out I had a problem with my wrist.”

Sale is dreaming of a resurgence this season. “I’ve wanted to be a major league baseball player since I was three years old. I haven’t played in a game for a very long time and it was a very difficult period,” he said.

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