Foreign players missing from the 1st team, can’t change or not… Deadline is approaching

Time flies, but there is no definite answer yet. Can’t change, can’t change Who will be the first to pull out the replacement card?

Two weeks have passed since the opening, but each team’s situation is different. This is especially the case with the hiring of foreign players. There are teams where three players are playing healthily, there are teams that are sluggish, and there are also teams that cannot properly fill the number of players.

NC Dinos showed their potential by beating up to 1st place last week and a tie for 2nd place without a ride, but there are currently no two foreign players in the first team entry. They are pitcher Taylor Widener and hitter Jason Martin. Widener was out of the game right before the opening due to back pain, and Martin was out on the 6th due to an internal oblique injury. Both players are key resources for pitching. However, the aftermath of the departure is not insignificant.

First of all, Martin will start technical training soon after the checkup on the 17th. Since then, his condition can be monitored, and Widener is also estimating the timing of his return while rehabilitating in Changwon. NC is not in a hurry right now. Director Kang In-kwon said, “Now is not the time to make any decisions. I am waiting while watching the progress.”

SSG Landers, who finished first at the beginning of the season, are also out of play due to pitcher Annie Romero getting injured at the end of spring training. Romero is currently undergoing shoulder rehabilitation in the United States, not in Korea. SSG is looking for a replacement player, but it is not easy to make it happen.

We need to bring in a ‘first-class’ pitcher from the US, but the US is also in the early stages of the season, so finding good resources is a matter of picking stars in the sky. Clubs may not let go easily, and players may hesitate. Since it is only mid-April now, going to Korea is an adventure for a player who wants to play in the major leagues. SSG is currently coordinating while examining leading candidates. Although the breakup with Romero has not yet been confirmed, it can be seen that the outline has been revealed to some extent as the time to wait is approaching the limit.

In the case of the Hanwha Eagles, should we say that Birch Smith is better since he started in one game? Smith complained of shoulder pain during the regular season opener against the Kiwoom Heroes on the 1st and was voluntarily pulled out. A diagnosis of microscopic damage to his shoulder muscles came out, and Smith was re-examined on the 17th. Fortunately, there is no abnormality in the checkup, so we plan to check his condition while he is rehabilitated for the rest of his life.

The problem is then Even if there is no medical problem,안전놀이터 it is important when Smith will return. Hanwha cannot afford to wait indefinitely. There should be a guideline stating that Smith will return by the end of April. If it takes longer than that, you will have no choice but to consider a replacement card.

The Doosan Bears, who had a lot of worries, were relieved as Dylan Pyle showed a much improved appearance, such as recently practicing pitching at Jamsil Stadium, and the return became visible. However, overall, there is a voice saying, “It is too difficult to find a replacement foreign player now.” In reality, foreign players account for an absolute portion of the power. On the contrary, it is even more embarrassing because the cost invested in existing foreign players cannot be ignored. This is because if you do it wrong, the worst situation of blowing your money twice can occur. At the beginning of the season, this is the real reason why he can’t move on the work of recruiting substitute players.

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