Foreigners also bought 1 trillion… ‘1.3 million won touch’ Ecopro overtakes Naver and Kia market cap

Ecopro (086520) showed a sharp rise and surpassed Kia (000270) and Naver (035420) in terms of market capitalization. While foreigners continue to make net purchases of more than 1 trillion won this month, short squeezes and expectations for incorporation into the 

MSCI index are cited as factors for the increase.On the 25th카지노사이트, EcoPro closed at 1,293,000 won, up 132,000 won (11.37%) from the previous day. It is the highest price ever based on closing price.The market capitalization based on the closing price of Ecopro on this day was 34,429.6 billion won, exceeding the market caps of Kia (34,129 billion won) and Naver (32,973.9 billion won) listed on the KOSPI.Foreigners net bought stocks worth 402.3 billion won, raising the stock price. On the other hand, individuals net sold 392 billion won and institutions sold 6.7 billion won. Ecopro broke the 1.3 million won line for the first time, recording up to 1.321 million won at one time during the afternoon.Ecopro finished the transaction at the closing price of 1,118,000 won on the 18th and rose to the KOSDAQ Emperor Stock (stock price exceeding 1 million won per share) in 16 years based on the closing price. After settling at the 1.1 million won line due to the sharp rise that day, it seems to go over the 1.3 million won line in 5 trading days.Short squeeze is cited as the reason for the recent stock price rise. A short squeeze refers to a phenomenon in which short sellers, who expected a stock price decline, fail to overcome the pressure of a stock price increase and quickly repurchase stocks. In this case, the stock price tends to rise sharply.At the beginning of the year, individual investors bought EcoPro and led the rise, but as foreign investors were pointed out as the main cause of the price surge, the argument that the surge was caused by a short squeeze is supported. As of the 25th, the cumulative amount of EcoPro stocks bought by foreigners this month amounted to 1.809 trillion won. Expectations for incorporation intothe Morgan Stanley Capital International ( 

MSCI ) index are also cited as factors contributing to the rise in the stock price. 

MSCI plans to transfer stocks through regular changes in August. In general, it is interpreted that as the passive demand of foreigners increases when it is included in the index, the expectation accordingly has worked. Since the beginning of this year, ‘rechargeable battery ants’ have shown great interest inEcopro, rising from 100,000 won in January to 700,000 won in April. Since then, the stock price, which had hovered between 600,000 and 700,000 won until last month, surpassed the 900,000 won mark with a 20% surge on the 3rd, and touched 1 million won for the first time during the market on the 10th. Since then, on the 18th, it has settled in the 1.1 million won line and climbed to the imperial state.

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