Fowler beats Ram, world No. 2, ‘extraordinary’… Lim Seong-jae wins 8th hole (overall)

The beauty of match play, which decides a 1-on-1 match, is ‘extraordinary’. Unlike the 4th round 72-hole match, it is unfolded as an 18-hole one-off match, and unexpected matches are often produced in which the weak beat the strong.

On the 23rd (Korean time), the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour World Golf Championship (WGC) Dell Technologies Match Play Championship (total prize money of 20 million dollars) held at the Austin Country Club (par 71) in Austin, Texas, USA, in the first round of the group stage, the world John Rahm (Spain), who ranked second, became the victim of an accident. The red light came on to advance to the round of 16 after being hit by Rickie Fowler (USA), who is ranked 59th in the world.

Fowler won a 2&1 (two holes leaving one hole left) victory over Ram, the championship candidate, and drove Ram to the brink of elimination in the round of 16.

Looking at the world rankings or this season’s results alone, it was a match where Ram’s absolute advantage was expected. Ram has won 3 wins this season alone and is ranked 2nd in the world. On the other hand, Fowler has not won since the Phoenix Open in 2019 and has been sluggish enough to not advance to the playoff FedEx Cup in the last two years. This season, he also finished runner-up at the Jojo Championship held in October last year, but the only top 10 he participated in this year was a tie for 10th at the Phoenix Open.

In match play with many variables, this record did not work.

Ram took the lead by winning holes 1 and 3 (above par 4) at the beginning of the game. An easy victory was expected by keeping the lead by two holes until the 7th hole.

The atmosphere changed as Fowler pursued the first hole in the 8th hole (par 4). After that, in the 11th hole (par 4), they pursued one more hole to return the match to the starting point, and then reversed the game on the 12th hole (par 4). After succeeding in 2-on, he took a birdie with 2 putts and went ahead for the first time.

In the 15th hole (par 4), Ram made a ridiculous mistake and lost the will to pursue. Fowler missed this putt even though he had a chance to birdie with his second shot at 1.5m. Ram was able to draw with a par, but missed the par putt at a distance of about 1.2m, giving Fowler a chance to run away.

Ram pursued in the 16th (par 4) and 17th holes (par 3). There were not many left, so I had to make a birdie to expect a draw. Unfortunately, Ram, who failed to birdie in both holes, conceded defeat.

Fowler, who won against Ram, gave the green light for the round of 16.

In the first round of the group stage, there were many revolts by the lower seed players.

Siwoo Kim (28), the 3rd seed in Group 8, won 4&3 against 2nd seed Chris Kirk (USA) to secure 1 point, and JJ Spawn (USA), who played in Group 11, defeated Matthew Fitzpatrick, the top seed. (England) won 5&3 (3 holes left and 5 holes left).

In addition, Matt Kucha (USA) beat Victor Hovlan (Norway) 3&1, Korean-Australian Minwoo Minwoo Sais Tigala (USA) 1 hole (1UP), Ben Griffin (USA) 3&1 against Tyrrell Hatton (England), Andrew Putt Num (USA) took down Will Jaratoris (USA) 3&2 to join the lower seed rebellion.

Another beauty of match play is the quick win. If you win more holes, you don’t have to play the 18th hole because it’s a winning game.

On the first day, Lim Seong-jae won in 12 holes against Maverick McNealy (USA). Im Seong-jae, who was leading by 6 holes by winning holes consecutively from holes 2 to 7, gave up 1 hole in hole 8 (par 4), but then took holes 10 to 12 consecutively, leaving 6 holes and 8 holes (8 & 6) ) caught a big win.

In a match play match, if there are more holes won than remaining holes, the game ends without any remaining play. However, Lim Seong-jae, who won after 12 holes, played the fewest holes among the players who played that day and won the victory point.

On the first day, there was a revolt by the lower seed, but the promotion of the championship candidates continued. World No. 1 Scotty Scheffler (USA), Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), Xander Chopley, Max Homar, Jordan Spieth, Sam Burns, Patrick Cantley, and Colin Morikawa (USA) all won the first game. did.

Kim Joo-hyeong (21), the youngest player to participate, also won the first match of the group stage by defeating Alex Noren (Sweden) 2-1. Lee Kyung-hoon (32) lost to Brian Harman (USA) by three holes.

In this tournament with 64 players participating,메이저사이트 they are divided into 16 groups of 4 players each. You get 1 point for a win and 0.5 points for a draw. If the score is tied after the third game, a sudden death overtime is played to determine the winner of the round of 16. Play from hole 1 until a winner emerges.

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