“Frog in the well, plans to continue participating in international 3×3 competitions”… Applause for master wook’s spirit of challenge

Master Wook made it to the quarter-finals for the first time in the history of the challenger, and inwardly aimed to advance to the quarter-finals, but was blocked by the wall of the world.

On the 11th (Sun), in the FIBA ​​3×3 World Hoops Penang Challenger Quarterfinals held at the Queen’s Bay Mall special court in Penang, Malaysia, Master Wook Master (official team name: Seongnam), who struggled in height, met Düsseldorf (Germany), ranked 19th in the world, with a 19- gave up the game with 21. With this defeat, Master Wook finished the tournament journey in the quarterfinals and finished in 6th place.

The loss was regrettable. Düsseldorf is a team that won the Deqing Huzhou Challenger 2023 in China at the end of May and is emerging as an emerging powerhouse in European 3×3 with a large number of 2-meter tall players. The average height of Düsseldorf reached 199 cm, and the average height difference from Master Wook (185 cm) was close to 15 cm, so the expectation that it would struggle was dominant.

As expected, Master Wook struggled with the opponent’s height at the beginning of the game and gave up the initiative. Even after that, Master Wook could not block the opponent’s offensive and was dragged by 7 points.

However, at the moment when everyone thought it was over, Master Wook pursued the ace Kim Jeong-nyeon in the last minute and fought hard until the end. Although the pursuit was only an ‘attempt’, I was able to confirm Master Wook’s potential to turn the gap that had widened to 7 points into a close match.

The final score of Master Wook, who played 3 games in this tournament, was 1 win and 2 losses. On the 10th (Saturday), they defeated Japan’s Saitama by one point and made a page in history by advancing to the quarterfinals in the FIBA ​​3×3 Challenger level competition for the first time as a Korean 3×3 team.

After completing the competition, the team of master wook boarded the plane on the night of the 11th and went home, and arrived at Incheon International Airport around 6:30 am on the 12th.

Captain Lee Dong-yoon smiled relievedly and said, “I have no regrets. All team members did their part well and achieved the goal of 1 win. Even if you are a little disappointed that you did not receive the prize money given to the 5th place, you cannot distribute it to the first drink. First of all, since I have achieved my first goal, I think I should aim for a score of 4 or higher in the future Challengers. I would like to say thank you so much to my colleagues who fought well, master-wook Kim Ki-wook, who worked hard to support us throughout the tournament,” he said, expressing his feelings after finishing the tournament.

After experiencing the bitter taste of the world 3×3 at the FIBA ​​3×3 Ulaanbaatar Super Quest 2023 held in Mongolia at the end of April, Master Wook, who aimed for a higher place using this as a springboard, added their own pattern by matching their hands and feet through quenching in Korea. As a result, in this competition, Master-wook succeeded in building his own team color by showing a performance that was clearly different from that of the Ulaanbaatar Super Quest.

Among domestic 3×3 players, Kim Jeong-nyeon and Jung Seong-jo, who specialize in 1-on-1 ability to the point of being second in personal skill, surprised FIBA ​​3×3 officials by producing many highlight films. In particular, the surprise rim attack scene using the crossover of Jung Sung-jo in the second match between Saitama and Main Draw was posted on FIBA’s official SNS, and more than 2,000 people liked it and expressed their liking.

Shooter Yoon Seong-soo also became like light and salt by hitting a decisive shot when a shot was desperately needed based on his vigorous activity, and captain Lee Dong-yoon, who showed eldest leadership by bringing the team together as a voice leader. Master Wook was able to achieve the feat of advancing to the quarterfinals thanks to the players on the court doing their part and becoming a ‘one team’ without relying on any one person.

Lee Dong-yoon said, “The best thing was that we planted a good image of our team in the local officials. He encouraged the referee, the supervisor, and the German teams we faced in the quarterfinals, saying that we can do better in the future. I think we showed our own team color by putting forward speed and organizational power instead of being short. Through this tournament, we have shown that offense works to some extent, so in the future, we will work more closely together in Korea and melt our own team color.”

He said, “Another thing I felt keenly during this tournament is physical strength. Even in the quarterfinals, it is regrettable that if the stamina was backed up at the end, the defense would have allowed 1 or 2 less points. His teammates also agreed to go back to Korea and say, “Let’s take good care of our bodies, but let’s develop more stamina.”

Master Wook, who took his first step in a barren environment where he had to do his job and 3×3 at the same time, continues to challenge the world 3×3 stage. Master-wook, who has carved a good image in FIBA ​​by participating in two international 3×3 competitions, plans to participate in overseas challengers 2-3 times within the year.

Lee Dong-yoon said, “Through this tournament, his confidence and motivation have been greatly gained. Also, a lot of people in Korea cheered us on. They do not stop at this and plan to participate in two more Challengers within the year. Of course, I have to be invited by FIBA, but if given another chance, I will sharpen my skills this time and aim for the best ever record of the semifinals or higher.”

Of course, there is no guarantee that Master Wook’s dreams and challenges will lead to success. However, they don’t want to become frogs in the well, so they don’t stay in Korea and move toward the world stage, which is the history of Korea’s 3×3. It is beautiful by itself.토토사이트

Lastly, Lee Dong-yoon said, “All four of our members have a lot of stories and each has their own job, but I think it’s because of their passion for basketball that they can come together and challenge overseas stages.” They are athletes, but all three of them are very happy in that they have realized their selves through the basketball they want to do so much. We are neither a great team nor a national representative, but we want to create a better soil in the future by informing people abroad of the image of Korea. I will work hard with pride.”

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