Full Count Slider Match! Kim Gwang-hyun strikes out against Ohtani [WBC Breaking News]

In the first pitching match between Gwang-Hyun Kim and Shohei Ohtani,

Gwang-Hyun Kim started as a starting pitcher in the first round of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) Group B Japan match held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 10th. Kim Gwang-hyun, who was on the mound at the end of the first inning when it was 0-0, treated Japan’s ‘table setter’ Lars Nutba with an outfield fly, then struck out Kensuke Kondo with a swing and miss.안전놀이터

With no runners in for two outs, Ohtani, a major leaguer who should be most wary of among Japanese batters, stood at bat. Kim Gwang-hyun went to full count in the match against Ohtani. He also had the appearance that his breaking ball was not well controlled. The slider thrown from the full count turned into a foul that hit the bat slightly, and the match continued.

On the 7th pitch, Kim Gwang-hyun, who boldly threw a slider at Ohtani, struck out on a swing. Right before, I threw the slider that didn’t hit the ball again on the same course. Consecutive K. A bold match against Ohtani also worked.

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