Garam Chun of ‘Chun Messi’, the first overall nomination, “I want to show a competitive image”

“I want to show that I am competitive and can grow further.”

Chun Garam was nominated by Hwacheon KSPO as the first overall pick in the 2023 WK League rookie draft on the 15th. After going through Seonggeocho, Hyundai Cheongun Middle School, Yesung Girls’ High School, and Ulsan University of Science, he played an active role as a national representative for each age group. He played a big role in the Costa Rica U-20 Women’s World Cup held in August and earned the nickname ‘Chun Messi 토토사이트 (Messi + Chun Garam)’.

She is immediately credited with a sense of power. Hwacheon coach Kang Jae-soon said, “He is a talented player. The team lacks central attack and wing resources, but I plan to use them right away from next year,” he explained the background of the selection.

On the 20th, the voice of Chun Ga-ram, who contacted this magazine, was bright. “I didn’t expect it at all,” he said. Rather than feeling any emotion, I was really surprised,” he said with a laugh. I want to show that I am competitive and can grow further while playing on the same stage with my older sisters.”

Garam Chun also made her A-match debut in the second leg of an away friendly against New Zealand in November. She has been to the adult national team only 3 times, and she has seen, heard and felt many things. He said, “I realized a lot in terms of life. He took care of his body really thoroughly, including his diet and sleep. He focused his entire life on football. He was in a fresh shock.”

Hwacheon was ranked 4th last season. He competed with Suwon FC for a ticket to the playoffs (PO) until the end. However, in the final game of the league, even after scoring 2 goals first, they allowed 4 goals and lost 2-4, failing to board the PO last train.

Garam Chun said, “Hwacheon from the outside looked good. I will adapt quickly and try my best so that the team can achieve better results next year.”