‘Government’ Choi Jeong VS ‘Patience’ Kim Eun-ji ‘Sixth Class’ Clash

Choi Jeong (27), the “leader” in the women’s baduk world, and Kim Eun-ji (16), the “morning star,” clash one after another for supremacy in the two games. Combining the IBK Cup Women’s Masters and Dr.G Women’s Best Knight Finals, which start on the 16th and 22nd, respectively, is the ‘final 6th’.

who will win Looking at the data alone, there is no comparison. Choi Jeong-eun remains at the top of the Korean women’s rankings at her 117th month. The number of her national and international championships has reached 26 times (18 domestic and 8 international). Even on the world stage, she is the number one person recognized by others, such as holding a Senko pear.

Choi Jeong-eun is almost the only one who competes with her male powerhouses even in the comprehensive (mixed) gijeonseo. Last year, she became the first female player to win a world major runner-up (Samsung Fire Cup), and recently she competed with current world champion Byeon Sang-il (Chunran Cup) for GS Caltex boat supremacy.

Kim Eun-ji jumped to No. 2 in the women’s rankings last month, despite her brief career in her fourth year. At the end of last year, she also received the Rookie Hero Competition, a mixed junior competition (under 20 years old), following Hyorim Bae and Nanseolheon Bae, and she won a total of three times. Eunji Kim’s recent growth is frightening. In the메이저사이트 month of July alone, she had a record of 14 wins and 2 losses (87.5% win rate).

What’s interesting about her is her opponent record. The two knights competed in 8 countries for 3 years from 2020, and Choi Jeong won. Her record was broken in her ninth encounter on the 29th of last month. The first time Kim Eun-ji defeated her Choi Jung. She wasn’t just a 1-loss to Choi Jeong. Her winning streak against female knights, which she had accumulated so far, stopped at 22.

The reaction to Kim Eun-ji’s first win in the baduk community was diverse. On one side, she exclaimed, “a generational change siren rang,” she exclaimed, and on the other side, she dismissed it, saying, “It’s just a fleeting breeze, but we’re still a long way off.”

TV commentator Baek Hong-seok, 9th Dan, said, “It has become bold and precise beyond recognition. He is developing into a great player.” Unlike the 6th Women’s Contest, the first round final between the two at the end of last year, they were bold and full of confidence.

Choi Jeong-eun is particularly strong in the finals. He reached the finals a total of 34 times and won 26 times, with a final win rate of 76.5%. It is not a simple comparison target, but it surpasses that of Shin Jin-seo, the ‘non-invasion aircraft carrier’.

Since 2012, the history of women’s baduk has been a confrontation between Choi Jeong and non-Choi Jeong forces. Park Ji-yeon, Oh Yu-jin, Kim Chae-young, Kim Hye-min and others tried to defeat Choi Jung, but swallowed Bunru every time. Choi Jeong-eun and the youngest rebel Kim Eun-ji will sortie together at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Choi Jeong-eun, the winner of the first round of the women’s best knight match, reached the final first and said, “I am happy to hold the final again following last year. She said, “This time, she will play fun Go,” she said. It looked like he didn’t care whether Kim Eun-ji or Oh Yu-jin came up.

After Kim Eun-ji won the semi-final against IBK Bae Yu-jin Oh on the 2nd, “I am still too short to compare myself with Master Choi Jeong. My condition is not bad, and I hope to win at least one of the two tournaments.”

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