Half of the Champions-Europa semifinals are in Serie A, even winning this season?

 Italy’s Serie A, one of the top five European leagues that was weak in the European competition, is seeing the light this season.

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Europa League quarterfinals have been confirmed. The most notable among them is the progress of the Serie A team.

Milan rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan entered the UCL. Milan defeated league leaders Napoli and Inter Milan advanced to the semifinals by beating Benfica.

Moreover, the UCL final has already been confirmed by one Serie A team. Because the Milan derby is going on. It means that one of them will make it to the finals.

The Serie A team’s progress continued in the Europa League. Juventus and AS Roma have advanced to the quarterfinals.먹튀검증 Unlike their Milan rivals, Juventus will face Sevilla after beating Manchester United, and AS Roma will face Leverkusen. Both teams could be knocked out in the quarterfinals.

Serie A struggled with the gap between the English Premier League (EPL), Spanish Primera Liga and German Bundesliga teams widening. Serie A’s UCL title was also Inter Milan’s last in 2010.

He had a great chance to win this tournament. Attention is focusing on whether Serie A will show that it is alive this season by winning.

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