‘Hill of Fortune’ with a total prize of 800 million… Who is the main character of this year’s drama?

A tournament to determine the golf queen is held at the ‘Hill of Fortune’ in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. The Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour BC Card and Hankyung Ladies Cup (total prize money of 800 million won) will be held at Pocheon Hills CC (par 72) in Gyeonggi for three days from the 23rd of next month.메이저사이트

This competition is one of the most awaited events for galleries in the metropolitan area. This is because it will be held at Pocheon Hills CC (par 72), which is about 35 minutes by car from Gangnam, Seoul, from 2019. With the opening of the Guri-Pocheon Expressway, Pocheon Hills CC can be reached within an hour from major areas in Seoul. In 2019, about 20,000 galleries visited the site during the competition, and last year, when gallery admission was resumed after Corona 19, about 20,000 people watched the birth of the queen.

Another reason why galleries are looking for BC Card and Hankyung Ladies Cup lies in thrilling ‘content’. This competition is nicknamed the ‘Gate of Star Rise’. First of all, the faces of past winners are gorgeous. Including the first champion Hana Jang (31), the 2nd and 3rd champions Oh Ji-hyeon (27), Choi Hye-jin (24), Cho Jung-min (29) Kim Ji-young (27) Lim Jin-hee (25) and Park Min-ji (25) have been produced as past champions. All of these players are mentioned as candidates for the championship in every competition they participate in.

Im Jin-hee is one of the representative stars produced by BC Card and Hankyung Ladies Cup. He emerged as the ‘surprise Cinderella’ of the KLPGA Tour by winning the first win of her life in this event in 2021. After the season, love calls continued from the industry, and he succeeded in ‘reversing his life’ by joining the new golf club Ankang Construction as an ace. Lim Jin-hee added 1 win every year until this year, establishing herself as a strong player with 3 wins on the KLPGA Tour.

There were also many famous victories. Five of the last seven tournaments have been come-from-behind wins. Since the first competition in 2015, a twist story has been unfolding. Hana Jang, who was playing in the United States, returned to Korea to participate in a tournament organized by her sponsor, and wrote history by becoming the first champion in the tournament. He staged the drama of overcoming a 4 stroke inferiority.

The 2019 competition also saw a thrilling comeback. At that time, Jo Jung-min turned the game over even after starting the final round with 7 strokes behind the lead. In all previous KLPGA tour events, there were only three times, including Jo Jung-min, that overturned a 7-stroke difference in the final round. It was a record that was one stroke short of the record for the most strokes reversed (8 strokes). In 2016 and 2020, Oh Ji-hyun and Kim Ji-young overturned two strokes each and reached the top. Last year, Lim Jin-hee, who was 5 strokes short of the lead until the 3rd round and was tied for 13th place, reduced 6 strokes on the last day and won the championship cup.

There were also many dramatic overtime matches. In last year’s tournament, Park Min-ji, who had been running for two wins in the season, took the lead early on the final day. The game seemed to be decided as it ran away by four strokes, but Park Ji-young (27) caught up. In the middle of the game, Park Min-ji did not miss the gap and narrowed the gap, leading the game to overtime. Park Min-ji’s third shot approach was rather short, but he caught a birdie putt and won the trophy. Park Ji-young had to be satisfied with the runner-up in the birdie putt as the ball went past the hole. Park Ji-young made the match more thrilling and became another protagonist of this tournament.

Park Min-ji is going to defend the title in this year’s tournament.

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