How did the lively Heroes strike, how did it become ‘One of Dem’ 

 It’s different. Maybe it was because the image I saw during fall baseball was too strong. The intense burgundy color does not stand out. Is it because it’s been a while? Thoughts bite tail after tail.

Last fall, Kiwoom was intense. The passion of the players who focus on the content of the game, regardless of the win or loss, has changed the main character of fall baseball. At the time, the ‘Young Hero Corps’ gave off a strong impression that they were enjoying baseball.

The real charm of Heroes lies in the process of preparing for the match. It is the first place among 10 teams to imprint the image of ‘a team that finishes preparations before group training’. Prepare for the game according to individual routines, and lightly perform group training to the level of final inspection. An impressive scene during the postseason (PS) was also included in the preparation process. Throwing away the full swing, the posture of hitting concisely attracted attention.

It is a situation where you have to upset from the semi-playoffs, so it is a kind of desperate measure to deal with the relatively strong pitcher of the top team. Change is a great success. Although overwhelmed by the power of SSG in the Korean Series, the process of leading up to Game 6 was enough to make all baseball fans go wild.

In fact, the charm of Heroes is not an exciting long hit. After Kang Jung-ho, Kim Ha-seong, and Park Byeong-ho left the team one after another, there is no destroyer capable of hitting 40 home runs in one season. Even when there were three musketeers, the other players played active baseball, hitting a sharp line drive ball and then advancing to the base with quick feet. Unlike other teams, it was difficult to find big players in the Heroes. It was unique, and an image of a team that realizes the rebellion of the underdog every year.

This year is different. There is no tightening from hitting training. I see several players with their gaze over the fence. The preparation process that seemed to shout ‘high and far’ instead of ‘low and fast’, which was his specialty, stood out. It is a point that a strong hitter should aim for, but it did not seem like a challenge worth pursuing even while erasing strengths.

In 15 games from the 11th to the 27th, Kiwoom hitters scored 47 RBIs and 47 points with 119 hits, including 5 homers. His batting average is 0.239. In the game against Gocheok Lotte on the 28th, Lim Ji-yeol won with a come-from-behind final manlupo, but the stuffiness of the other line was not relieved.

I looked at the record of 15 PS matches last year. He had 64 RBIs and 70 runs scored on 140 hits, including 11 home runs. His batting average was 0.276. His index performance was better during the Fall Feast. Considering that it was a PS stage where the concentration was at its peak, and it was a lineup of opposing ace pitchers, this is a point where you can gauge the strength of the Heroes lineup. In the last 15 games (excluding the Gwangju KIA match), he struck out 107 while getting 48 walks, but in PS, he got 42 walks and struck out 93. It means that the power of the batting line is not as good as last fall.

I also checked other numbers. At last year’s fall party, the Heroes batting line produced 334 batted balls, with a batting speed of 140 km per hour and a launch angle of 0 to 30 degrees, with 92 batting balls. The average exit velocity was 155 km, and the launch angle was 13.8 degrees. This year, he produced 84 of 229 batted balls.안전놀이터

The exit velocity was similar at 155.9 km, but the launch angle was raised to 15.8 degrees. As for the team as a whole, the batters who hit the ball at 10.2 degrees and 134 km at the fall party are making 137 km at 17.2 degrees this year. The numbers also confirm that he is swinging with a lift instead of hitting a hard line drive.

It’s not a matter of right or wrong. No one is saying it’s wrong to go for a fast, big ball instead of a low, fast ball. Still, the regret remains. If the vitality like a live fish is lost, it can fall into ‘one of them’. If it is a club operated by naming sponsorship, it is bound to lose its charm.

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