‘I can tell just by looking at the lid of domestic rice makgeolli’… Secrets hidden in the product

“As a result of three blind tests with my wife, we came to the conclusion that new potatoes are smooth and crispy, while raw potatoes are relatively thick and soft.”

At first glance, they look the same, but if you look carefully, the differences are hidden. Even though it is the same product, there are products that show a slightly twisted package depending on the origin of the raw material. Recently, Orion’s potato chips, ‘Poca Chip’, have become a hot topic online, and articles comparing the taste of the two products are coming up one after another.

The difference between the two products is, of course, the country of origin of the raw material, potatoes. According to Orion, from June to November every year when potatoes are grown in Korea, it produces products with domestic potatoes grown in Boseong메이저사이트, South Jeolla Province and Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province, and releases them with the phrase ‘Domestic New Potatoes’. On the other hand, from December to May , when potatoes are not grown in Korea, products are made using potatoes supplied from the US and Australia, and ‘raw potato’ is marked on the package of this product.

If so, is there a difference in taste or quality between the two products? Regarding this, Orion’s position is that the two products are the same product in principle, only to differentiate them for the purpose of providing accurate information. An official from Orion explained, “It is the same product that is marked on the front and back to clearly inform consumers of the difference in the origin of the potato raw material.” As they are produced in the same factory through the same process, there is no difference in nutritional content or taste.

In addition, for convenience, new potatoes and raw potatoes are classified, but the potatoes used in both products are both new potatoes produced in the year and fresh potatoes. However, it is interpreted that they are divided into new potatoes and fresh potatoes to avoid the distinction between domestic and imported terms.

Nongshim’s potato chip ‘Potato Chip’, a competitor to Pocachip, also has different production areas depending on the season. Nongshim produces products using domestic potatoes from July to October, and from November to FebruaryFor months, potatoes from the United States are used, and from March to June, potatoes from Australia are used. Like Pocachip, the place of production is not specified on the front, but you can check the country of origin through the back.Seoul Jangsu’s ‘Jangsu Saeng Makgeolli’, one of the representative makgeolli brands in Korea, can also distinguish the origin of raw materials by the color of the lid. Currently, white lids are applied to products made with domestic rice, and green lids are used for products made with imported rice. In particular, while renewing the package design for the first time in 12 years last year, products using imported rice were maintained, while products using domestic rice were replaced with white labels to further enhance visibility.

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