“I can’t predict it.” A bigger swing, a shaky pioneering plan… Doosan’s foreign hitter worries deepen

After the opening, 35 games have already been played, but the batting average of the new foreign hitter is staying at 20%. However, he also hit long hits occasionally and is tied for fourth place (6) in the home run category. Director Lee Seung-yeop sighed and said, “I can’t predict it.”

Doosan, which broke up with Jose Fernandez, the “hit king,” brought Jose Rojas back in October of last year for a total of $1 million (approximately 1.3 billion won). As can be seen from the amount, the anticipation for the new district was high. For one thing, his past career represented his high ransom. Rojas debuted in the major leagues with the Los Angeles Angels in 2021 and played 83 games in two seasons.

In addition, the Doosan club said at the time of Lohas recruitment, “Based on a stable hitting mechanism, he is good at producing mid- to long-distance batted balls. In addition, he noted his pioneering vision and contact ability as a type of spray hitter with a lower-than-average swing rate of breaking balls and a wide distribution of batted balls.” It was Doosan who expected a similar appearance to LG’s new foreign hitter, Austin Dean, who is recording a batting average of 3.04 and 1.4 and 4 homers. 

In fact, Rojas quickly adapted to the Australian spring camp and showed impressive appearances every day in offensive and defensive training. In the demonstration game, he raised expectations with a batting average of 40% in 11 games (12 hits in 30 at-bats), 1 home run and 5 RBIs, and left a strong first impression with 2 hits and 5 RBIs in 6 at bats, including an extra home run in the opening game. At that time, Doosan’s recruitment of Rojas was considered a divine move. 

However, a month and a half after the opening, the record is disappointing. He appeared in 33 games and suffered extreme sluggishness with a batting average of 200 (21 hits in 105 at-bats), 6 homers, 16 RBIs, and an OPS of .713. His scoring position batting average also remained at 2.3 1 Lee, and he struck out 26 while walking 12 times. His on-base percentage is .294. He finished the month of April with a batting average of 1.7 and 6. In May, he is recording a batting average of 2.5 and 8. However, his status is a foreign hitter. He needs to raise all his batting stats higher than he is now.

What is the problem? Manager Lee Seung-yeop, the KBO league’s all-time home run leader, said, “My swing has grown a lot. Since he didn’t get good grades, he must have been in a hurry and couldn’t afford it. He tends to hit too hard,” he said. The high-fastball to the side has a high miss rate. It’s clear what its weaknesses are. He continues to talk about that part in the batting part, but it will be frustrating because the results are not as expected. Of course, the will of the player is strong.” 

At least, he is prolonging his life with occasional home runs. Park Dong-won of LG (10), Hanhwa Roh Si-hwan (8), and Doosan Yang Seok-hwan (7) tied for 4th in the home run category (6), and 3 out of 6 were in scoring range. In the game against KIA in Jamsil on the 12th, he also brought a victory with a solo home run when additional points were needed. However, this is also a mystery as a player who expected a pioneering eye and contact ability is hitting 6 home runs with a batting average of 20%. 

Director Lee said,메이저사이트 “It is unpredictable. There is still a distance from the LOHAS we think,” he said with a sigh and a smile. This is because the proportion of foreign players is large. Also, like the KIA game, if a home run comes out, the team will receive great strength and can play comfortably.”

The faith in the players is solid. There are parts where it is difficult to find an alternative during the season, but for now, he is in a position to continue to believe in Lohas’ ability. Rojas has hit in three consecutive games. Coach Lee said, “It is either to target a fastball that is higher than 145 km or to endure it. He has to overcome well on his own,” he said. “As of now, of course, I have to write. Also, if Rojas shows good form, he can build the best lineup. We will do our best to support it.” 

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