“I don’t even want to look at this picture” Do you want to erase the ’embarrassing past’?

#. Mr. A got into trouble when he was in elementary school because of a video he took without knowing how to look cool. He posted a video of his face and the inside of his house on a video-sharing platform, because he found that the video was still there. Mr. A forgot the password of the account he created as a child, and to make matters worse, he could not even delete it.

Like Mr. A, the number of people who want to delete posts posted in the past, but cannot, is looking for so-called ‘digital funeral directors’. Recently, the government has started volunteering as a digital funeral director for teenagers, but the number of applications is unusual.

Recently, the Personal Information Protection Commission (Personal Information Commission) announced the current status of the operation in the second month of implementation of the ‘Children’s Digital Right to Be Forgotten Pilot Project’.

The operational status announced this time is the analysis of the application status from April 24th to June 30th, right after the pilot project was implemented. A total of 3488 applications were submitted during the period. The largest number of applicants were 15 years old, and the platform with the most requests to delete posts was ‘YouTube’.

The ‘Children’s Digital Rights to Be Forgotten Pilot Project’ is a service that supports children and adolescents to delete or cover (exclude access) the relevant posts. The pilot project currently being operated for teenagers is a project that allows users to apply for deletion or cover-up of posts left by those under the age of 18, even when they are up to 24 years of age, and receive support for the process.As for the number of applicants by age, 15-year-olds메이저사이트, so-called ‘second graders’, had the highest number of applicants among all applicants. A total of 652 applications were received. In second place was 17 years old, with 501 applications. This was followed by ▷16 years old (498 cases) ▷14 years old (478 cases) ▷18 years old (290 cases).

The platform with the most deletion requests was counted as YouTube. Among the total number of deletion requests, YouTube ranked first with a total of 931 requests received. Facebook had the second most with 632 cases. Naver followed with 593 cases. TikTok (515 cases) and Instagram (472 cases), which are popular platforms for young people, also ranked in the top five.

Among the cases received, there were many cases in which the right to delete was lost after posting photos, videos, and phone numbers of oneself on the Internet. Most of them left the site/platform without deleting the post, or lost the account they created when they were young.

In this case, the post was deleted and excluded from the search list after going through a process such as ▷consultation with the person in charge, ▷ supplementation of evidence for self-posting, and ▷a request from a business operator.

An official from Gaebowi said, “Children and adolescents have been actively using SNS and platforms since preschool age,” and “it seems that awareness of the risk of personal information exposure was not as high as active use.”

Lee Jung-ryeol, Secretary General of the Personal Information Commission, said, “As close to 3,500 children and adolescents applied within two months of service launch, the ‘Children’s Digital Right to Be Forgotten Pilot Project’ is a support project for exercising the right to control personal information that the public can actually feel. He said, “We will periodically review the operation status and performance of the service and make improvements so that more children and adolescents can use this service.”

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