“I endured well” KT coach Lee Kang-cheol, the reason why Eom Sang-baek praised his performance even in the defeat

KT Wiz coach Kang-Cheol Lee praised Eom Sang-baek (27), the starting pitcher of the game, which was defeated 0-1 the previous day, ahead of the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes game on the 26th. Eom Sang-baek started against Kiwoom on the 25th and pitched 5 innings and 1 run. Kiwoom starting pitcher Ahn Woo-jin and in a power confrontation, he was never pushed far and did his part.

However, one run led to a very disappointing defeat. The KT lineup could not provide any scoring support to Eom Sang-baek that day. While Ahn Woo-jin showed off his strength of 7 strikeouts and no runs in 7 innings, the KT lineup took only 1 hit. Regarding Eom Sang-baek, coach Lee said, “Didn’t he throw well? He relaxed and threw well. Yesterday’s (25th) game was a game we couldn’t hit and lost. (Eom) Sangbaek endured well until the 5th episode,” he praised.

Eom Sang-baek, KT’s 5th starter this season, is recording 1 win and 1 loss and ERA of 0.90 in 2 games until the 26th. In the match against Suwon SSG Landers on the 19th, his first appearance of the season, he became the winning pitcher with 5 innings, 6 strikeouts and no runs. In his second appearance, against Kiwoom on the 25th, he continued a good flow by taking responsibility for scoring 5 innings again with minimal runs, even in the absence of scoring support.

Coach Lee took care of the players who devoted themselves greatly to the team even while the team suffered four consecutive losses until the 25th. After the match against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 23rd, he applauded Son Dong-hyun, who pitched 3 scoreless innings, saying, “Even though we didn’t win (12th inning, 1-1 draw), we got a winning team.” .안전놀이터

Regarding the not-so-smooth flow at the beginning of the season, Coach Lee said, “Even last year, we started off badly with 4 consecutive losses and 5 consecutive losses at the beginning of the season. But his flow changes at any time. If (So) Hyung-jun comes back and the starting lineup is stable, we can see a game enough because our bullpen is good,” he said with strength.

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