‘I hate Saudi Arabia’ Ronaldo decides to escape → Al Nasr ‘unwilling to sue for large amount of cancellation fee’… Bayern Munich unexpectedly appeared

 ‘Ronaldo, I can’t stand it anymore in Saudi Arabia.’

Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported on the 23rd (Korean time) that Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Portugal), who joined Saudi Arabia’s professional football club Al Nasr last winter, is eager to return to Europe after 5 months of joining.

Afterwards, a number of European media quoted the report of ‘Mundo Deportivo’, and there was also a comment that ‘Ronaldo has already decided to escape Saudi Arabia and asked for help from an agent’.

‘Football 365’ reported that ‘Ronaldo’s clear goal is to return to Europe, but Al Nasr has said he will face sanctions if he leaves before his contract expires’. Ronaldo signed a two-year contract with Al Nasr in January. He was a super-special treatment with an annual salary of 200 million euros alone.

However, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ emphasized that ‘Ronaldo is aware that the reality and infrastructure of the Saudi club are very far from modern football’ and that he intends to return to Europe as soon as possible this summer. However, according to FIFA regulations, if one of the clubs or players unilaterally terminates the contract without justifiable grounds, penalties such as penalty may be imposed. Al-Nasr is willing to sue Ronaldo for a huge penalty for the remaining contract.

Since joining Al Nasr, Ronaldo has been doing his part with 13 goals in 14 matches in the league alone. However, as Al-Nasr failed to advance to the Super Cup finals and the championship in the regular league became uncertain, local fans criticized it. In last month’s game against Al-Hilal, he received a warning for putting a headlock on an opponent and was on the chopping block for obscene behavior towards an opposing fan. As the appearance of failing to control anger came out widely, there was even a movement to petition for Ronaldo’s expulsion.

In the meantime, the move of Marcus Shen, a ‘German millionaire’ who supports Ronaldo, also became a concern. According to Munich’s ‘Avent Zeitung’, Shen recently sent an email to Bayern Munich club CEO Oliver Kahn to sign a partnership and expressed his willingness to cooperate in financing the transfer of Ronaldo.스포츠토토

Bayern Munich is looking to strengthen their attacking line this summer, and they need to clean up their existing main agents in order to recruit Ronaldo, who has a huge salary. Shen expressed his willingness to cooperate in embracing Ronaldo without internal bleeding as much as possible.

Locals are wondering if Ronaldo, who desperately wants to ‘escape from Saudi Arabia’, and Bayern Munich, who have ‘Schen’s big hand’ on their backs, will become a real kite.

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