“I know the culprit of the ‘Shillim-dong stabbing'”… A series of testimonies such as ‘gambling debt of 50 million won and divorce’

While a suspect in the ‘don’t ask knife’ incident near Sillim Station in Seoul, 33-year-old Jo, was on the verge of arrest, the testimony of an acquaintance of Mr. Cho came out.

According to the legal community on the 23rd, Judge So Joon-seop of the Seoul Central District Court conducted an interrogation (examination of the validity of the warrant) of the suspect before the arrest of Mr. The interrogation ended around 2:13 pm, and the results of the examination are expected to be released within this afternoon at the earliest after reviewing the evidence.

Cho is suspected of killing a man in his 20s and injuring three men in their 30s by wielding a weapon in an alley in a shopping district in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at around 2:07 pm on the 21st. The police found Mr. Cho at 2:11 pm and confronted him안전놀이터, and arrested him as a red-handed criminal on charges of murder at 13 minutes.

During the police investigation, Mr. Cho stated to the effect that “I wanted to make others unhappy because I lived an unhappy life, and I committed the crime out of anger.”

Immediately after the incident, CCTV footage of the crime scene spread quickly online.

In the midst of this, a post in which a person who identified himself as an acquaintance of the suspect Jo mentioned about Mr. Cho’s identity is being shared in several online communities.

Writer A, who said, “I know Sillim-dong sword fighting,” said, “33-year-old Incheon OO. He’s 163 cm tall, and looking at his face, he’s an XX who went to a construction site for about two months last winter.”

A photo of a message that Mr. A exchanged with an acquaintance about Mr. A is also spreading online.

Looking at the contents of this message, when an acquaintance of Mr. A said, “That’s his face,” Mr. A wrote, “He was short. He looked less than 165 cm tall. Mr. Jo is the same age and lives in Incheon, but I went back and forth to my grandmother’s house in Seoul and everything matched.”

Then, another netizen wrote, “If I went to a parent company in Incheon in 2013, I would know XX.” “It was the same contract job. I remember it because the name was unusual. We went to smoke together during break time. Should I say that my body looked toned?”

However, a police official said, “Nothing has been confirmed at all” and “It is highly likely that it is a rumor because nothing similar to it has ever been said in the course of the statement.”

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